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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

bright mornings...

The days are getting much shorter around here, so I decided that I could really use a pop of color in my life! Our bathroom is super boring! I have yet to decide what to do in there, but this little ditty that I have conjured up is really making me think that a burst of color might just be the ticket!

How fantastic are these towels!? Seriously! Ok but besides that, I love all the colors in this design and I think they all pop in the right places! I think it would really wake a person up in the morning... might just be what Steve and I need! Hmmm... might have to show him this one... cause we all know he doesn't read this ;)

shower curtain.accessories.towel.rug.paint.vanity.basket
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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

etsy love love...

Yo Bitches!! (that one's for my mother in law!!) Etsy is on FIRE! The creativity level on that site is insane! If only I could make half the things that I see on there... hmmm a new blog series perhaps? Or is that stealing?! Anywho, check out these fan-tab-u-lous items below...

1. It's almost that time of year around here! That time of year when your hands will literally freeze off if you aren't wearing a fabulous pair of mittens like these!

2. Who thinks of these things? Knit and leather? Two of my very favorite things... if only I thought of it first!

3. So simple, yet so fun! I can just picture a row of these in different colors in a kids room... can you see it?

4. This is the color of pillow I have been searching for... longing for. I found ONE at Ikea the other day, it was on a display sofa, could i find it elsewhere? NOPE! Did I wanna steal it just out of plain anger at Ikea for tempting me? YEP! (I didn't though, don't worry Mom!)

5. This needs to hang over our bed ASAP! I think i'm still in the honeymoon stage!

6. Alright, I want to find whomever made this sofa and kiss them, and then ask if I can snoop inside their brain to figure out where they got the idea, and the stamina to make this beautiful sofa!

7. On a serious note... I need a cute little bowl like this to put my rings in so that I don't lose them in our next meal that I cook for my husband!

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Monday, 20 October 2014

little look alike...


I know that this pup is stealing the show, but that bold blue wall is a very close second! When someone uses a bold color in a main room, it makes me swoon. I always want to use bold paint colors, but I always wimp out and choose a more neutral. I know, not very exciting...but I play it a little safer in my own home for some reason! I'm trying really hard to branch out!! Anyway, I haven't done a look-a-like in awhile, and this room clearly caught my eye soo... here's my version...

First thing that I noticed while I was replicating this room? A lot of the main pieces are very neutral... which is perfect since the few colored accents are SO bold. First of all, that rug? Oh how I wish I could find one of those for our home that was under $800... ok under $200 because i'm cheap! (It's seriously next to impossible)! Next, the wall, clearly the boldest part of the room, as already discussed... and finally, those accent pieces.. the throw, the pillows etc. My final thoughts? This room is brilliant and this designer/home owner is brave and I am jealous!

rug.sofa.curtains.lamp.paint.shelves.nesting tables.planter.plant
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

how…how do they do it?


Now that the wedding is over… i'm stressing again. This time it's about the fact that our house is VERY VERY SLOWLY becoming a home… too slowly. Sometimes I will read a blog and seriously wonder how they do it… how do they make time for all these DIY projects and how do they seems to redecorate an entire home in a span of months. Doesn't real life ever get in the way? It took me a three day weekend to paint our bedroom… And it's still not done. I still have to do all the trim and fix a few spots that are truly making me angry because they are not perfect! Then I start to think…I planned an entire wedding in 8 months and did so many DIY projects… is it because I had a timeline? Do I need to start making "to do" lists?

Master bedroom:

1.New duvet cover

2.Hang lights

3.Get Steve to make headboard (oh you guys are going to love this one!!!)

4.New nightstands

5.finish painting all the baseboards

Now if I can finish all of this by the end of October, I will be one very happy girl! Wish me luck!!

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

It's official....

The wedding is over.... I am a married woman! The best part? All the planning and stress turned into the exact day that we were hoping for! It was a cooler day, ok chilly.... ok.. it was cold.. but the tent warmed up, the band started playing and Steve and I had the night of our lives, one that we will never forget! We owe a lot to our friends and family... If any of you are reading... THANK YOU!!

Now, back to regular scheduled programming!

Today I would like to talk about our living room. We have made a touch of progress, but the ideas that I have are changing daily! We have a sofa, and we have lamps.... THAT'S IT! It's a large room and it's bare. Here's the blank slate...

Oh right.. we have a rocking chair too. Now this photo was taken before the sofa was purchased, as you can see, the green painters tape on the floor was our map out of the actual spot that the sofa is now sitting... Just wanted to make sure it would fit! The sofa in the below design board is the one that we actually bought, and you will notice that I have yet to include any drapery in my design... I am so stuck on what to do with the windows! There are so many, and I think I can honestly say that choosing window treatments is my least favorite... ever. I really should just invest in custom panels so that I get exactly what I want! We'll see!

What do you think? I love love the paint color and just hope I am brave enough to actually pull it off! table.accent table.TV bench.bookcase.pillow.pillow.
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