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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

etsy love love...

Yo Bitches!! (that one's for my mother in law!!) Etsy is on FIRE! The creativity level on that site is insane! If only I could make half the things that I see on there... hmmm a new blog series perhaps? Or is that stealing?! Anywho, check out these fan-tab-u-lous items below...

1. It's almost that time of year around here! That time of year when your hands will literally freeze off if you aren't wearing a fabulous pair of mittens like these!

2. Who thinks of these things? Knit and leather? Two of my very favorite things... if only I thought of it first!

3. So simple, yet so fun! I can just picture a row of these in different colors in a kids room... can you see it?

4. This is the color of pillow I have been searching for... longing for. I found ONE at Ikea the other day, it was on a display sofa, could i find it elsewhere? NOPE! Did I wanna steal it just out of plain anger at Ikea for tempting me? YEP! (I didn't though, don't worry Mom!)

5. This needs to hang over our bed ASAP! I think i'm still in the honeymoon stage!

6. Alright, I want to find whomever made this sofa and kiss them, and then ask if I can snoop inside their brain to figure out where they got the idea, and the stamina to make this beautiful sofa!

7. On a serious note... I need a cute little bowl like this to put my rings in so that I don't lose them in our next meal that I cook for my husband!

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