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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

how…how do they do it?


Now that the wedding is over… i'm stressing again. This time it's about the fact that our house is VERY VERY SLOWLY becoming a home… too slowly. Sometimes I will read a blog and seriously wonder how they do it… how do they make time for all these DIY projects and how do they seems to redecorate an entire home in a span of months. Doesn't real life ever get in the way? It took me a three day weekend to paint our bedroom… And it's still not done. I still have to do all the trim and fix a few spots that are truly making me angry because they are not perfect! Then I start to think…I planned an entire wedding in 8 months and did so many DIY projects… is it because I had a timeline? Do I need to start making "to do" lists?

Master bedroom:

1.New duvet cover

2.Hang lights

3.Get Steve to make headboard (oh you guys are going to love this one!!!)

4.New nightstands

5.finish painting all the baseboards

Now if I can finish all of this by the end of October, I will be one very happy girl! Wish me luck!!

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