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Monday, 20 October 2014

little look alike...


I know that this pup is stealing the show, but that bold blue wall is a very close second! When someone uses a bold color in a main room, it makes me swoon. I always want to use bold paint colors, but I always wimp out and choose a more neutral. I know, not very exciting...but I play it a little safer in my own home for some reason! I'm trying really hard to branch out!! Anyway, I haven't done a look-a-like in awhile, and this room clearly caught my eye soo... here's my version...

First thing that I noticed while I was replicating this room? A lot of the main pieces are very neutral... which is perfect since the few colored accents are SO bold. First of all, that rug? Oh how I wish I could find one of those for our home that was under $800... ok under $200 because i'm cheap! (It's seriously next to impossible)! Next, the wall, clearly the boldest part of the room, as already discussed... and finally, those accent pieces.. the throw, the pillows etc. My final thoughts? This room is brilliant and this designer/home owner is brave and I am jealous!

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