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Sunday, 30 November 2014

gallery ideas #1...

I am going to try a new series of posts... gallery wall ideas. We have a lot of blank walls in our home, and I would really love to fill a few of them with fun gallery walls! I think my very favorite galleries are those that do not just include prints... I love the depth and character that different materials and objects can give to gallery walls. Each piece on this wall gives me goosebumps because it's just so damn exciting to look at! Wouldn't you agree?! Buffalo Print**X-Ray Skull**Ask More Questions**Be Awesome**Sunset**Tapestry**Wooden Arrow**Antlers*You Are Here**Bloom Print

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Friday, 28 November 2014


Have you ever heard of Songza? I'm sure you have… as I am always a little slower than the rest at getting to new technology! Anyway, lately I have really been listening to it a lot… and it's been taking me back in time! I FREAKIN LOVE THAT! As most who know me well know, I love retro music. If I could listen to Prime country every single day of my life, I would be a very happy girl! Sometimes, however, I really LOVE throwing in some retro pop music with my country… yes, you heard me correctly! These are the songs that this girl loved in her youth! Don't get me wrong, country music was, and always will be my first love… but these songs.. they hold a very special place in my heart too. I hope they bring back some great memories for you too!

classic 90's by Kaleigh on Grooveshark
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Sunday, 23 November 2014

I love this because….


This room is brilliant. First of all, I would love to know what color is on that table… why have a I never thought about using peach before? See, this is what I love about Pinterest… it shows you things that you may never have ever thought about before. Now lets get back to this room. Peach table, mustard pillows and throw. A seemingly strange combination but it works! Then why not throw in an animal skin rug. The best part? When you say all of those things together… peach, mustard, animal skin… they all sound ridiculous together. Design… it's about taking risks right?! It's about trying new things and finding out that they truly work.. even more? It's about how it makes you feel. This room makes me feel inspired and really happy. I would love walking into this room every day!

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all i want for christmas...

Ok family… here it is.. here's my Christmas wish list for this year! Or if you feel so inclined, I will take money too!! Too obvious??

Remember when you were little and you'd get the Sears Wish Book?! If you were anything like me, you'd write down a list for your parents, with page numbers and item numbers listed very clearly. I don't know how many things I ever actually got?! But here is my ode to the Sears Wish Book…

1. Comfiest pants ever? So I have been told... I'd really like to know for myself!! *wink wink*

2. I love this pattern, seems to be everywhere lately! Would love to have it in my hand!

3. I have wanted to read this book for a looong time now! I've heard so many good things about it, but do you think I can ever find it?!

4. These sunnys... YES PLEASE. That is all.

5. Manitobah Mukluks... it's a staple around here really.. on those -40C days... it helps to have slippers you can wear outside ;)

6. I am really hoping Steve can make us a dining table before Christmas, and these are the chairs I would love to put around that table... I have wanted them for a LONG time!

7. A new hobby... why not?!

8. Our bedroom needs more light... I think I have convinced Steve that these are a good idea!

9. Another pillow? ALWAYS.. emerald velvet? How can I not?!

10. Ok, so another one? yes.. I need a mustard pillow... yes Steve, you heard me right.. need... another... pillow..

11. And yes Steve, I need... another... pair... of shoes!!! Ok but for real these can go with anything!!! (size 8 please!)

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one piece…two looks...

Is it a sideboard? or is it a dresser?! Who can tell?! Too cheesy?! Well, either way, here's another episode of one piece, two looks! One of my all time favourite things is when someone takes a piece of furniture (or anything for that matter) and uses it in an entirely different way! Here's my take for the day… a dresser, turned sideboard. Now I must say, I have not done such a matchy matchy design in a LONG time. Normally I don't go for such specific color palettes, but for some reason I could not resist!

bed*dresser*pillow*sconce*chair*bedding*throw*curtains*pillow*side table


So, which do you prefer? The rustic feel of the dresser? or the funky feel of the sideboard?

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

get shit done...


Alright people... I wrote this post in the middle of October.. and it is now the middle of November. What have I gotten accomplished? Not a whole lot! I had a major FAIL with painting the trim and then I guess I just got very discouraged.. and busy.. but I am determined to no longer let either of those be an excuse! So, for the end of November, this is my plan for our bedroom:

1. Finish the trim in the bedroom, all of it.

2. Make headboard

3. Decide what to do for night stands

I am making this list a little bit shorter and a little bit more realistic! If I can't finish all this... then I will hole up in this house for the entire month of December, become a hermit and finish it then ;)

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

eat here….

Well, how many excuses can someone come up with to not work on their house? ASK ME! ASK ME!! It is almost December and we have accomplished nothing in this house! Granted, we did get to see the one… the only… Garth Brooks!!! I also threw out my back… so there's that. What else… family, friends, etc. etc. I love you all, especially Garth, but I WANNA WORK ON MY HOUSE! I wanna put the door back on our bedroom! HA! Ok, enough complaining. Instead of working on my own home, I am working on designs for other's homes… those who can't do, teach, right?!?

Doesn't this space just make you want to sit down and eat a giant platter of nachos? No? Just me? I think I need food… I believe i'm getting hangry!

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

feeling refreshed...

Why hello all! How is everyone today?! I am feeling only slightly refreshed. I'd like to say that every part of me is refreshed, but it's mostly just the blog! Do you love it?! My back is failing me, but this blog... it's simple and gorgeous! I'd like to thank blogaholic designs for inspiring me and giving new life to my corner of the world! I hope you all enjoy as much as I do!
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Sunday, 2 November 2014

the search is over….

I will sit at this computer for hours until I find something that REALLY grabs my attention… or as my grandpa would say.. "makes me wanna grab my ass and scream about it"! Well the photography of Brandon Barre makes me want to do exactly that. He has photographed some GORGEOUS spaces. Behold:

Gorgeous, right?! Check out all his portfolio here… you will NOT be sorry!

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velvet…my grandma would be proud...

I remember being a little girl and my Grandma would make me a new Christmas dress, and it was always… VELVET! I HATED IT! Ok, maybe it was the fact that I just hated wearing dresses, but either way, my feelings on velvet have changed! I love how luxurious, and yet so comforting it is! Perfect for a little nursery, right?! And may I say, Anthorpologie is on fire this season… so much velvet, so little time (and money)!!
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