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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

eat here….

Well, how many excuses can someone come up with to not work on their house? ASK ME! ASK ME!! It is almost December and we have accomplished nothing in this house! Granted, we did get to see the one… the only… Garth Brooks!!! I also threw out my back… so there's that. What else… family, friends, etc. etc. I love you all, especially Garth, but I WANNA WORK ON MY HOUSE! I wanna put the door back on our bedroom! HA! Ok, enough complaining. Instead of working on my own home, I am working on designs for other's homes… those who can't do, teach, right?!?

Doesn't this space just make you want to sit down and eat a giant platter of nachos? No? Just me? I think I need food… I believe i'm getting hangry!

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