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Sunday, 23 November 2014

I love this because….


This room is brilliant. First of all, I would love to know what color is on that table… why have a I never thought about using peach before? See, this is what I love about Pinterest… it shows you things that you may never have ever thought about before. Now lets get back to this room. Peach table, mustard pillows and throw. A seemingly strange combination but it works! Then why not throw in an animal skin rug. The best part? When you say all of those things together… peach, mustard, animal skin… they all sound ridiculous together. Design… it's about taking risks right?! It's about trying new things and finding out that they truly work.. even more? It's about how it makes you feel. This room makes me feel inspired and really happy. I would love walking into this room every day!

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