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Sunday, 23 November 2014

one piece…two looks...

Is it a sideboard? or is it a dresser?! Who can tell?! Too cheesy?! Well, either way, here's another episode of one piece, two looks! One of my all time favourite things is when someone takes a piece of furniture (or anything for that matter) and uses it in an entirely different way! Here's my take for the day… a dresser, turned sideboard. Now I must say, I have not done such a matchy matchy design in a LONG time. Normally I don't go for such specific color palettes, but for some reason I could not resist!

bed*dresser*pillow*sconce*chair*bedding*throw*curtains*pillow*side table


So, which do you prefer? The rustic feel of the dresser? or the funky feel of the sideboard?

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