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Sunday, 28 December 2014

a whole new..... year.... (sung to the Little Mermaid song)...and a little look-a-like...

Hello all! I hope everyone had an amazing Holiday. I know it is not over for you lucky ones, but for some of us... we have to work this week... ugh. The real world... ugh. On a happier note... without sounding too much like i'm 6 years old, I got everything I wanted for Christmas and more! And I spent time with all of the people that really matter in life. It was perfect.

Now, back to our regular scheduled programming! I have a quick little look-a-like for you today. Ok maybe not so much a look-a-like as a... looks a little a like but is also super fun! I love looking at designs for entryways right now... it makes me think that maybe someday in the very near future we can have a functioning entryway!


This entryway is freakin fabulous. It's so eclectic and simple. It's a beautiful welcoming into what i'm sure is a beautiful home.... if only I could find the rest of it to prove myself correct!

Now my version... not quite as gorgeous but just as eclectic! That console table? It's absolutely perfect. A drawer, a place to put their keys... and i'm dreaming again! WE NEED TO FINISH OUR ENTRANCE!!!!!!!! Ok, a broken record, I get it, i'll stop! Happy Monday all!


If you'd like to see a couple other of my look-a-likes... visit here, and here, and maybe here too!

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a new year, a new plan...

I want to be more productive. That is my only "New Years Resolution". I don't particularly like resolutions, but I do love lists and I do love plans. So here it is...

I am finally... FINALLY...going to use my Pinterest page for more than just staring at pretty things. I am determined to actually make some of the items on my "to do list" and while i'm at it maybe a few things from the thousands of recipes that I have pinned as well! Each week I plan on tackling at least one project. It may be as simple as a homemade cleaning solution, or as difficult as building a bench... difficult for me anyway! I am super excited about this endeavor, and I will obviously be tracking my progress here. Let's hope that I can keep this resolution... could be pretty interesting! Wish me luck!! Here are some of my favorites that I cannot wait to try!





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Wishing each and every one of you a very happy New Year!

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

tis the season...

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays filled with family, friends and far too much food!
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gallery ideas #2...

If you missed it... I have started a new series that showcases different gallery wall ideas! See the first one here...

Today's gallery wall is made for the wee ones. It's a bit more sophisticated, but it's still so fun! I mean i'll take that metal "K" for my own gallery wall any time!

Feathered Framed wall art**ampersand**Dream**acid etched letter**arrow decal**tree clothes rack**HELLO
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Sunday, 7 December 2014

i love this room because….

The simplicity… the gorgeous tile… the rustic feel… it's actually the perfect bathroom. It's clean, simple, fresh, and modern… Can it get any better? Truly. Oh and the best part? It's a bathroom in a beautiful home in Bali. I want to move in.. right now… A girl can dream right?

Visit this beautiful home here.

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i can never get enough….

There isn't much to say about this post… I love pillows, and I keep finding more and more that I want to add to our home and I will always want to share what I find with you all!! So here it is! Happy Monday!

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