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Sunday, 28 December 2014

a whole new..... year.... (sung to the Little Mermaid song)...and a little look-a-like...

Hello all! I hope everyone had an amazing Holiday. I know it is not over for you lucky ones, but for some of us... we have to work this week... ugh. The real world... ugh. On a happier note... without sounding too much like i'm 6 years old, I got everything I wanted for Christmas and more! And I spent time with all of the people that really matter in life. It was perfect.

Now, back to our regular scheduled programming! I have a quick little look-a-like for you today. Ok maybe not so much a look-a-like as a... looks a little a like but is also super fun! I love looking at designs for entryways right now... it makes me think that maybe someday in the very near future we can have a functioning entryway!


This entryway is freakin fabulous. It's so eclectic and simple. It's a beautiful welcoming into what i'm sure is a beautiful home.... if only I could find the rest of it to prove myself correct!

Now my version... not quite as gorgeous but just as eclectic! That console table? It's absolutely perfect. A drawer, a place to put their keys... and i'm dreaming again! WE NEED TO FINISH OUR ENTRANCE!!!!!!!! Ok, a broken record, I get it, i'll stop! Happy Monday all!


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