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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

a little me time...

Not often do I share things about my personal life on this blog. I mean clearly you know my likes and dislikes when it comes to decor, but do you know much more than that I am married and live in a house? That's not a great first date let alone a year long relationship! So here it is… a little me time… Ready to find out a little about what makes me tick?
Or maybe you don't really care, and in that case just skip to the next blog post ;)

Lately I have been:

Watching - The Jet's games … duh. What self respecting Manitoba person is not watching them right now?

Reading - Save Me by Lisa Scottoline… it's only ok… but after having just read Amy Poehler's Yes Please and Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, not much is going to compare for awhile! (a full book report to come soon! I have been a reading machine lately)!

Eating - Well, I am not stuffing my face at this particular moment, but when I am, you will most likely find me eating the brownies that I made the other day. They… are… AH-Mazing! I cannot take all the credit though because it is my mom's recipe! Thanks Mom!

Thinking - About how to perfect this thing called blogging. Ok maybe not perfect, but definitely become just a little bit …better… more professional… more technologically savvy… about it!?

Dreaming about - A vacation… more specifically, our honeymoon. We have nothing booked yet, but we have a place in mind and it's literally on my mind about 23 hours a day right now! Especially when it's -30C here, a white sandy beach sure eases the pain!

Obsessing over - What kind of coffee table to get for our living room! Currently we are using TV tables… yes TV tables, as coffee tables… and side tables for that matter! These are a few that i've been considering, but just can't "pull the trigger" on one yet…


Well there you have it! Do you feel like you know me a touch better? Are we friends yet? Slowly i'll open up my heart and my mind to you all… however you might not wanna get too deep into this head… you may find some things that scare you a touch ;)
Wishing each and every one of you a very happy weekend full of lots of windshield wiper fluid and maybe even a little bit of sunshine?! (If you are from the province of Manitoba you will catch my drift)!

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