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Friday, 16 January 2015

a little under the weather...and I love this because...

I am sick, and when i'm sick I get super bored...there's only so much Food Network, and HGTV that a person can watch! The fact that I even feel like blogging right now is a miracle!! I'm on the mend!! YAY! Today I want to talk about a beautiful trend that is popping up lately..half painted walls. I AM going to try this in some room in our home someday... i'm thinking in a spare bedroom? I think it's such a simple way to add an architectural feel to a room! This is one of my favorite versions....

There is sooo much I love about this room... first of all, that color? I love that they used such a grown up color in a little girl's nursery, it's so perfect! Second, of course, the way they painted. I think not going up the entire wall with the paint really kept it from feeling too dark in the room, and gave the walls much more interest and makes them the star of this room!

With the walls being such a focal point, the rest of the room is decorated very simply, and I love simple, clean design! The basics. I also love that they have mixed in eclectic, antique pieces with new design elements. Always a winner in my books!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has a happy, healthy weekend! (I can't wait to take a warm vacation and get out of this "cold" infested country)!!

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