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Monday, 5 January 2015

killin it...

I happened to pop into Home Sense this past weekend, and may or may not have picked up a couple baskets for the entry (crossing my fingers that they work). While I was in there, I had a little look around.. of course. May I just say that...Home Sense is KILLING IT right now with furniture and accessories! Seriously. Check it out!

So I want this chair… I have no idea where I would put it but I want it. in. my. life.

Two of my very favorite things…velvet and tufting, and in an ottoman. I'd also like this piece in my life. Oh and those legs? Not actually red, just a cover, they are wood. However, the red could work!

Little short story for you. Steve and I bought a white coffee table the other day, and it does NOT work in our living room. I really thought that it would! Now I am thinking that we need another texture, another element. I'm leaning towards wood or metal. This table? It might actually work..

If we do a wood coffee table, this side table would work perfectly! Ugh, see? I told you Home Sense was knocking it out of the park!

How cute would this be in a little girl's room?

In my humble opinion? You can NEVER have too many throw blankets. Especially when it's a frosty -37C outside my window right now!

Ok, this did not have a price tag on it.. which was probably a good thing because otherwise it would have been in my car and on it's way home with me. I'm pretty sure this would work in almost any room! I'd make it work!

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