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Monday, 12 January 2015

one piece, two looks...

Hello all, hope you had a fabulous weekend! I have a great plan for week #2 of my new year's resolution... I think I need a name for it.. i'll have to work on that! Anyway, it'll be coming to you later this week, but for now, please enjoy a new version of one piece two looks...

crib**pendant**curtains**rug**dresser**rocking chair**heart**arrow**never

I love the whimsical feel that the chair has in a nursery space. The feather pendant certainly adds to the whimsy, but to be honest... the feathers freaked me out at first. Like really? feathers? won't they catch on fire or something? But I don't care, they work so well! Ok, I would care if my home started on fire, but there's no way they would sell it if it weren't safe correct?! RIGHT?!

sofa**rocking chair**pendant**happy pillow**bookshelf**coffee table**side table**purple pillow**throw**beautiful place

In a living room, I feel the rocking chair gives off an entirely different vibe. More of a bohemian feel! Especially when paired with a velvet, mustard sofa... ummm yes please! If you like what you see here... feel free to check out a few more versions of one piece, two looks here, here, and here!

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  1. that throw looks so snuggly, just what we need in the UK - its flippin' Arctic!