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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

week #1...

If you have been following along, (here) I have taken on a personal challenge of sorts for 2015. I have decided that once a week, I will try some sort of DIY from my Pinterest pages. Something that I have pinned and then never actually made. Here is week #1...

Chicken and Roasted Garlic Risotto. I have wanted to try my hand at risotto for awhile, so to start on the right path, I am trying and "easy" version first... doesn't it look delish!? Well here is my version...

Sorry for the shitty photo quality! I'll get better, I swear!

I have to say... it was DELISH! I HIGHLY recommend it and it was SO easy! like rather ridiculously easy. I know real risotto takes more time, but I think making this just gave me the push to try and make the real thing because the reward will be far greater than the effort!

Week one down, 51 weeks to go! Next week will hopefully be a bit more crafty!

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