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Sunday, 18 January 2015

week #2

Well, week #2 project down! 50 more to go! Last week I wanted to try something a little more creative. This project was sooo easy. I picked up a $12 sweatshirt from walmart, and a little patch of fabric, also from walmart! Literally the cost of the project was about $15! Here's what I started with...

Could I make it look anymore boring? It's a very plain sweatshirt, but I love plain... most of my clothes are pretty neutral. This however.. was the perfect piece to add a little touch of something to.. nothing much, but something..
My DIY's are going to start out pretty simple, until I get into a groove. I truly thought that this was the perfect place to start. I found the tutorial, well not really a tutorial, but inspiration for it here.
Now I am by no means a pro sewer, but I know a few things.. so this was not a hard project for me, but it sure was my creative juices flowing! Here is the improved, plain jane sweatshirt now!

See, nothing overly exciting! But a nice little change. I might even add a couple of elbow patches at some point! Maybe in a different fabric? This was a super easy DIY, and literally all I did was cut out the patch, fold down the edges, and stitch it on. I used some embroidery thread that I had laying around to stitch it on. I wanted the stitching to really pop...

All in all, I think it's a cute little update. And no one else has one like it... isn't that the best part? What do you think? Will you give it a try? I'm trying to think of some other plain jane clothes in my closet that I can update now too!

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