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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What's not to love?!

It's been awhile since i've shared with you what I am loving lately! Here are a few of my favorite things! 

1. I am in love with Mid Century Modern furniture right now. Is it a fad? Can it be if it has stood the test of time? This chair would be fantastic in our living room!
2. I am also in love with cross body bags. I have one very similar to this one that is black and white stripe among the leather. It's getting a little dirty so.... that means new purse time, right?!
3. Ok, Anthropologie? You are AH-MAZE-ING in the hardware department...ok every department, but especially hardware! This knob? Are you kidding me? Gorgeous! Like jewellery for your furniture!
4. Not often do I wear dresses, but I love this silhouette and all I keep thinking is how perfect it would be for our upcoming honeymoon. I'm picturing it now... a nice candle lit dinner at a restaurant on the beach.... I know what you are thinking.. they haven't gone on a honeymoon yet? No, we haven't... because when you live in Manitoba, you want to break up your winter with a nice vacation when you can!!
5. Of COURSE I have a throw pillow on the list! This one reminds me of something you'd see in your grandma's house, but she's a hip granny and she's got it thrown on some piece of Mid Century Modern furniture ;)
6. Last but not least, I know you've likely heard the news, but Minted has fabric now! What a perfect combination! LOVE!

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