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Saturday, 21 February 2015

a little me time...

I figure that maybe it's about that time again to learn a little bit more about me! I almost feel super full of myself saying that! I swear i'm not! See? One more thing you just learned about me!
The last time that I gave you a little sneak peak into my life, I also discussed trying to decide on a coffee table! Well here's the update for you.. we decided to go with the super super simple ikea table... and i'm soo glad we did!! Do I dare say that finally having a coffee table is life changing? Ok maybe a slight exaggeration, but being able to use the TV tables as only TV tables is quite glorious! Here is the table we chose:

See?! super simple, but it works really well in our space... you'll see! Now, back to me!!

Lately I have been:

Dreaming about - Our honeymoon to Mexico that is only two weeks away! Currently the snow is blowing outside our home, and the drifts in our yard are creeping up to our roof, so a white sandy beach and some palm trees will be a very welcome change of pace in a couple of weeks! I seriously cannot wait!
Staring at - Our living room walls that were not painted the greatest and are begging for a new coat of paint. I am really hoping to prime it soon and get some color on them in the very near future. They are all prepped and the curtains and hardware have all been removed so it's really just a matter of me getting my butt off this couch! And now that the curtains are down? It is so much brighter in here and I am actually seriously considering leaving them off! We have 5 beautiful, big windows and the light that comes in them is very welcoming!
Wearing - The Fitbit that I got for my birthday. Do you have one? It's really quite amazing the things that it can calculate! I also find it amazingly helpful at getting me to do my morning work outs! If you don't have any idea what I am talking about, you can read more about the Fitbit here. If you are well aware of what the Fitbit can do then you will hopefully agree with me that the healthy competition with yourself to see if you can pass how many steps you took yesterday is actually super fun and extremely motivating!
Loving - My latest purchase of Happy Handmade Home by the girls from A Beautiful Mess. This book? It's seriously so much more than I even hoped for! It's soooo great! It makes me want to get way more creative and less fearless with my home. It makes me feel like I AM creative and I CAN decorate on a budget and it won't look like I did! Oh I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it even further!

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