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Monday, 9 February 2015

i'm on a roll...

It's Monday! Here in Manitoba it is a holiday for us, and so I am home relaxing after a long weekend away visiting a very dear friend of mine in Ottawa! I had a blast and it was just what I needed! There was lots of chatter, tons of reminiscing and plenty of relaxing! Speaking of relaxing, I have been on a major reading kick lately and it's been lovely! I was in a reading slump for awhile, but then I read Amy Poehler's YES PLEASE and it got me back in the groove. It's really a very good read. It made me appreciate being a woman, it gave me hope for the future, and it inspired me to follow any dream because they really do come true if you work hard enough! Yes Please was one of many really good reads lately, here are the rest of them...

Eleanor and Park had a lot of hype behind it for me. I had seen it on numerous blogs and read really good things about it, and so it was very high on my list of "need to read". My mom gave it to me for Christmas after seeing it on this very blog. Did it live up to the hype? ABSOLUTELY! This is a very quick, easy read... but there is just something about it that draws you in. Rowell has a way of making you feel like you are right there, experiencing everything that the characters are. Rowell also does an amazing job of giving you a clear vision of each character. I seriously read this book in a matter of a couple of days. Any chance that I got to pull that book out and read a few pages, I did it. In other words, I highly recommend!
The Longest Ride... a classic Nicholas Sparks love story, and because of this, of course I loved it! This is another one that only took me a few days to read, maybe a week? Don't tell Steve, but I think I was secretly hoping that the cowboy would jump out of the book and declare his love for me... weird? Ok maybe a little, but I am a country girl at heart and any story about a gentleman cowboy will pull at my heart strings! This story ends exactly as any female would want it to, and without giving away the entire book, I will stop talking about it right... now...
Save Me by Lisa Scottoline was pretty good.  I felt like this book started off really slowly and then got way more exciting about half way through. It takes place in the span of about a week, but a very hectic week. I feel that maybe if I were a mother myself, I might have a little more patience for the beginning of the book. For me, it was only ok and I am not even sure if I would really recommend it to anyone. Nothing against the author though, I have read a couple other books by Scottoline and really enjoyed them!

I've been trying really hard lately to read before bed instead of sitting on my laptop or ipad. It's working so far and I must say, I love holding a paperback in my hand. It's one of my favorite things! Next on my nightstand?

I just started reading These Girls and I think that I should have saved it for our honeymoon... it is turning out to be a good beach read! I can't wait to read Lauren Conrad's book, and I even have Steve reading I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, and from the snickers I hear next to me, I think i'll have to give it a shot when he's done ;)

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