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Thursday, 19 February 2015

some reminiscing, and one bright rug...

Do you remember your college days? I remember having to be so creative with furniture in our home, because we couldn’t really afford anything! In one of my first shared apartments, my best friend and I had a “sofa” that was basically a futon on a wood pallet, with large pillows as the back rest! I then made our coffee table out of two white milk crates and a piece of plywood that I had painted with chalkboard paint! I felt so creative! Of course any and all d├ęcor consisted of pictures that you took throughout the year.

After college, came my first job and eventually my first real home. With that came real furniture too! I remember being so excited when I got my first sofa and coffee table. Then when I actually had curtains to put up in my living room… I felt like a real live grown up! It’s crazy to me sometimes that the littlest things can bring such contentment to life! It also boggles my mind how much my taste has improved and grown in just a few short years… ok, maybe 10 years… has it really been that long since the futon sofa days?

Now, I am very proud of my roots and where I came from and how I have evolved into the person that I am today, but sometimes it’s fun to dream, isn’t it? Sometimes I look back on those years right after college and dream about what my life would have been like if I had moved to New York, or Chicago, or LA and moved into a loft downtown… all after winning the lottery.. am I right? I picture that loft looking something like this:

A chic, young, hip, eclectic style that would go hand in hand with my chic, young, hip personality! Can’t you picture girl’s nights of popcorn and “Sex in the City” on that sofa, wine in hand and boys on the brain? Or a random, Wednesday night, spur of the moment party with all my cool and hip friends? I need to get back on track here and talk about the real issue at hand here, and that is how fabulous each piece in this design is! Do you want to know the best part? They are affordable and easy to find! Each piece is from, a fabulous place that you can find one of a kind pieces! I love the fact that I was able to design an entire room from one website! It all started with the fabulous rug … I mean if you want to add a pop of color to a room… a rug is a perfect way to do that! I could have gone in a completely different direction and done a super neutral color pallet with this rug, but when I picture a 20ft ceiling loft space, with exposed brick and picture windows and this rug...

all I want to do is match it with more bright, beautiful, one of a kind pieces… mission accomplished!
Now rush over to and have a look at their beautiful rug selection here... you know you want to! I can personally guarantee that you will find more than one thing that you want to pull that credit card out for! You have been warned!!

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** Note: This post was in collaboration with I have not been given any compensation for the statements made. Any and all opinions expressed are my own.

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