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Thursday, 12 February 2015

week #4 & #5

Last week's project is leading up to a post for next week. We have ALMOST finished our entry way, but we have finished it enough that I feel comfortable sharing it with you! I am very excited to have a room feel 98% finished! Anyway, you'll catch a little sneak peak here today! Week #4 project took a little bit longer than I had anticipated, because as we all know... sometimes life gets in the way! Regardless, it is now done... and I was inspired by this decal from Urban Walls. Now, I LOVE Urban Wall's decals, and have bought from them before, but I knew that this one I could definitley paint on myself, and what better place to put it than by the entry door! Here is what I did..

As I was painting on the color, it was a lot more yellow than I was hoping for. I wanted the more bright green feel that it had when in the paint jar. After painting on about a dozen layers (hence taking so long to complete!!) it looked slightly greener, but still not quite the look I was going for. Sometimes things just don't work out exactly as you had planned, am I right? But the beauty of paint is that there is always more paint to cover it up if you don't like it! I will live with it for now, as this entry (as you will find out soon!), has a very monochromatic color scheme going on so this pop of color is a welcome addition! Now this was a lot more work than just throwing up a decal, but the cost of project was $5.98 for the paint and another $2.99 for small paint brushes. I also used some more of the black paint to go outline each letter once I was finished painting on the vibrant green/yellow, so that all my "errors" didn't show through... the beauty of having a black background!
ANNNNDDDDD since week #4 took FOREVER, you get to enjoy week #5 today as well! Have you tried cauliflower pizza crust yet? I see it all over Pinterest, and Steve and I make homemade pizza at least once a week, so it was only a matter of time until we needed to try something new! A healthier pizza version?! Why not? All I kept reading was that it was amazing, that you cannot tell you are eating cauliflower... my verdict?

I think it's VERY good! I think it doesn't taste at all like you are eating cauliflower, and for me, that's great, cause I don't normally like cauliflower! It's not as crunchy as I had figured it would be but the texture works! I have no idea who thought this concept up, but I applaud them and will definitely be using it in the future! My only complaint? It's a MESSY situation! Or maybe that's just me?? Could very well be!! HA! You can find the version of the crust that I used here!
Happy Friday everyone! I'll be back next week with a entry reveal and week #6 project! Whoot whoot!
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