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Friday, 27 February 2015

week #6...

Friday, it's Friday!!! On this fabulous Friday, I have a quick DIY for you! This DIY has been on my mind ever since I first laid eyes on it! It's pretty simple, but it's so fun and frankly, very handy! Thank you Emily Henderson for the brilliant idea. Go and check out Emily Henderson's version, and then come back here and check out my version....

You peeked didn't you? You skipped right to this picture and haven't gone to read her blog yet have you... i'll give you another chance...

Ok, now here's my version...

This entire project was quite simple. All you need to start is:
a wood dowel
spray paint
2 wood blocks
a drill
a drill bit
a saw
wood glue
2 screws

I apologize for not having pictures of the process, but it's rather simple, so I will do what i'm best at... using my words!
First, paint your wood dowel with the spray paint color of your choice. Next you need to decide how long you would like each arm to be, and cut the dowel to length. Then, drill a hole about a 1/4" deep into each side of your block of wood. I chose to keep my block of wood completely natural, but I think it would have been fun to varnish it, or to paint it a super bright color! I like the natural look though! Next you need to put some wood glue in each hole you just drilled, and then insert a dowel into each side. Let it dry for a bit to make sure that it's nice and snug in there, and then all you have to do is drill a hole through the front of the block so that you can hang your new masterpiece! This is where the screw comes into play... and voila! You are done! A new fun, functional, and frankly eye catching jewelry block!
I am really proud of this project, and it was so simple! I'd like to thank Emily Henderson again, for such a beautiful idea, and I should really thank my handy husband for all his help too! And for his power tools... he's a pretty handy guy to have around!

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