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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

a little more me time...

I was inspired today by this post and thought I would share a bit more about myself... you aren't sick of me yet, are you?!

Currently: I am still trying to figure out what color/s to paint our living room. Why is it that I can decide 100x over what color someone else should or should not paint their house, but when it comes to my own, it's next to impossible!? I am leaning towards a very bright blue accent wall, and then keeping the rest of the room bright and airy (white most likely) but i'm worried that the accent wall is dying out?! Is it? please tell me no?!

In the Past: I used to be pretty scared of the dark.... and now?! If you ask Steve he would die laughing at this because he knows how much I love the dark now when sleeping. Normally it is not dark enough and I end up throwing my arm over my eyes and sleeping that way. Anything to make it just a little darker. I tell you this, because I am trying to find curtains for our bedroom and I want them to be pretty but I also want them to darken the room! It's a tough combo to find I tell ya!

In the future: I hope to be sitting at a beautiful, hand made, rustic wooden table while typing up my blog instead of this folding table that I am currently sitting at. I truly cannot wait for that day! Come on STEVEN!!!!

And now, because I am officially dreaming about a new dinner table, here are a few inspiration photos for you...and Steven...





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