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Sunday, 8 March 2015

gallery ideas #5

I am currently sitting on a beach in Mexico, but I still manage to think about my home and all the things that still need to be done to it. However, I also think about all the things that we HAVE been able to accomplish. There is a long road ahead, but we are making progress and that's what counts! Now that we are painting the living room, it's coming together really quickly and i'm starting to think about the finishing touches! Like the gallery wall behind the TV. This is the kind of thing that I have in mind for it...

It's rather simple, and the color pallet is very monochromatic, but I think it would break up that wall and break up the color very nicely. I look so forward to having the living room done and just being able to enjoy it... another room to check off the list will feel glorious!

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