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Sunday, 8 March 2015

week# 7

Since this is my blog... I figure that I get to make all the rules! So since we are in Mexico, I am officially skipping week #8's project. Or maybe I should just consider reading on a beach my "project" for the week! Either way, when I get back, it'll be back to normal routine and the projects will commence again!
As for last week's project, I sort of tried something new? I have done crossstitching before, but I have not done it in a VERY long time. I mean, I was crossstitching Winnie The Pooh that last time... and I am 31 now, so you can imagine how long ago that was!
Crossstitching has come a really long way, and I wanted to try my hand at it again.. freestyle. There are a ton of tutorials online, but the one that was the simplest to start with is this one. Hearts are a simple freehand way to start and it was very simple and it makes me really want to try something a little more difficult! A new hobby? I think so!

Here's the finished product!

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