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Thursday, 26 March 2015


Confession time: I took more than one week off on my weekly projects! but the good news?! I'm back!! This week, I wanted to try something that I have never ever done before... blueberry muffins.
I love muffins, but I don't make them very often...i'm not entirely sure why! I also do not eat blueberries very often. It's not that I don't like them, I just don't love them on their own. So why not combine the two and make something that is normally mediocre, to me, into something that is absolutely scrumptious?!

Please ignore our hideous countertop...did you know it's linoleum? I don't know if I have ever mentioned that before, likely because you have never even seen a picture of our kitchen.. but yes, it's linoleum. We have flooring as our countertop. Granted, it's very durable, but it's hideous.

Now how glorious do these look? I am going to have to make muffins more often because these were SUPER easy to make. And they really are as good as they look! The strudel on top... it's glorious.. just glorious! Please try this recipe. Your significant other, or friends, or family will be very thankful that you did! I promise ;)

Find the recipe here.

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