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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

what's not to love?!

Warning: I am going to brag a bit in the next couple of sentences...
In six days, Steve and I are off to the Mayan Riviera, Mexico for our honeymoon. Didn't we get married months ago though, you ask? Why, yes, we did! But here in Manitoba, you save those warm trips for the months when it's so cold here, your snot freezes.. too far?! You get the idea though right? Needless to say, I am very excited!!

Now, no more complaining about the cold.. I swear.. instead? A new what's not to love!

1. I am currently obsessing over finding "prints" to go on our living room wall in the very near future. I especially love ones that are encouraging like this...

2. I think I have been living under a rock, because I only recently stumbled upon Prairie Proud...a Manitoba based company that makes.. well.. prairie proud clothing! I HAVE to have this sweatshirt!

3. This book absolutely, 100% lives up to all the hype! It is full of simple, amazing ideas! The girls from A Beautiful Mess outdid themselves and are truly an inspiration to me... ok i'll stop gushing!

4. I don't wear jewelry very much, but when I do, they are simple, beautiful pieces like this..

5. Who doesn't need a striped tote with leather pockets?! I know I do!

6. I do NOT have a green thumb, but if I believe I would take care of a plant if it was in a fabulous planter like this...

7. Yes please... let's do... and cuddle on the sofa with this pillow...

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