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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I love this because...

I love finding new blogs to follow, with human beings just like me that showcase beautiful rooms... like I really hope to someday soon! One of those such blogs belongs to Lesley W Graham. I found her bedroom on Pinterest and fell in love immediately. Once I checked out her blog? I loved it even more! It's basically the room I would love to have... subtle colors, eclectic furniture, with a touch of gold. There's always room for a touch of gold, am I right?! See for yourself...

This room feels so warm and cozy, with the warm wood floors and the soft (in color and texture) rug. I cannot get over those sconces. I need them in my life. Everything is very simple and I love that. Did I mention that I love this room? Go check out Lesley's blog for yourself and enjoy the rest of her home as well!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

a little look alike....

One of my favourite things is when I find a room that I really love and it teaches me something. It's rooms like this one:

that show me that design is extremely versatile and there really are no rules! Would you ever think to put a turquoise pillow on an emerald green sofa? Would you add fuchsia to that combination? It's not something that would pop into my head as a great idea, but I love how they make it work!
I figured this was a great design to try my own hand at... so here is a new little look a like! I love doing these! I discover all kinds of new shops and, of course, new design techniques!
Here's my version!

What do you think? Are you a fan of the color scheme? It has definitely grown on me and given me some more courage to try very different things. Even if you don't think it'll look good together, maybe just give it a shot! You just never know!

Happy Happy Monday!

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

last week in diy

We have been without internet around here for almost a week. We are out in the boonies and when you get gusting winds of up to 80km/hr, shit happens!! So apparently it shifted our internet satellite, surprise surprise, but we are back in business now! Oh how I have missed this world wide web!!
Now, back to business! So, when I say last week in diy, I actually mean two weeks ago in diy! I am cheating a little bit with this diy... breaking the rules shall we say? My (our) DIY for last, last week wasn't necessarily from Pinterest, although I am sure there are a lot of similar ideas all over that site! It was something that Steve has wanted to do for a long time (not even my idea!!!!) and we finally made it come to fruition.. and it looks AMAZING!
As you may or may not know, Steve is quite handy and you may have heard me talk a lot about all the old barn wood that we have and have been using around the house. Obviously we used it in the bedroom for our headboard, and it's gorgeous! (Check that out here!) Well we, (and by we I mean Steve came up with the idea and I ok'd it!) decided that the living room needed a touch of "old" as well. There is one wall in the living/dining room that screams "accent" so that's exactly what we did. Here is the before:

This is what it FIRST looked like when we moved in. BARE. And those mirrors were one of the first things to go. Who wants to watch themselves eat? I know I likely don't look overly attractive while eating! Have I ever even showed you this part of the living room yet? Taking this picture, i'd basically be standing where the TV currently sits. That was our old, too small for the space, not practical anymore table. It is where our future, Steven made dining table will be going, but for now it's just sort of an empty space. It's very plain and it needed something... Originally I had wondered about wallpaper, but Steve would cringe every time I mentioned it, and frankly the pocket book couldn't afford it at the moment. Then the light bulb went off in Steve's mind and it was decided....
And now?!?!?!?! Here is our new wall, in all it's glory!!

are you ready???

Are you sure?!

TA DA!!!

We are very very proud of it... it makes it feel so cozy in here now. I am so close to being done with the living room. It's so damn exciting! I just need Steve to get making that dining table. Then curtains need to be hung, a gallery wall put up, and a bit more painting! I can taste it, then we can finally walk into that room and just relax. It will be so glorious! What do you think so far though? It's pretty great isn't it?!

Friday, 17 April 2015

a little me time....

It is so sunny out lately in these parts and it's making me smile! It's amazing how the sun can make a person's mood change instantly! When you spend time in a cloudy, cold environment for so long, the sun is such a welcome change! And the warmth that it has been bringing with is has been amazing for us for this time of year! Needless to say I am absolutely loving it!
I am not here to just talk about weather today, even though that may be what it seems like. We Manitobans are famous for talking about the weather though, so can you blame me? What we are not famous for is talking about ourselves though... but I'm getting better at it! So indulge me, would you?

Baking: I am really trying my hand at eating better, but I absolutely cannot go one day without eating something chocolate... so... I have taken to trying to find the best healthier snacks that I can find. I found this one, and it's truly amazing, even Steve thinks so! There are no "added" sugars, obviously still sugar, but i'm not adding cups of it! They definitely quench my chocolate cravings, and knowing that they aren't horrible for me really makes me feel a thousand times better too!

Admiring: Myself in the mirror... I chopped my hair off the other day, 5 inches! It feels so freeing and glorious! I save about 15 minutes in the morning too, who wouldn't love that?!

Excited about: THIS!!! Kal Barteski is a local artist that is so beyond talented and a true inspiration. You may have noticed her beautiful artwork before.. I have used it on the blog a few times in designs. I can't begin to tell you how talented she is, you are really just going to have to and look for yourself. I cannot wait to incorporate some more of her work into our home, it just makes me smile. If you are in the Winnipeg area, you should definitely make the trip to check out her pop up show! I will be there, guaranteed!!
Now just for fun, here are a few of my very favorite, possible contenders, for our home:

Isn't she amazing!? Kal if you are reading this (ha!) I am your biggest fan! Creepy much?!
You can find all of these amazing prints here... support a local artist!

Monday, 13 April 2015

let there be light....

I need your help again... I am looking for a floor lamp for our living room now... which is coming along SOOO nicely. I will give you another sneak peak later this week. But for now, lighting is my issue! I just can't seem to find something in a reasonable price range, that I really like! That will also fit really well in this room! So here are the ones that I have narrowed it down to... you might see a common thread ;)

I really LOVE the style of three, but without actually seeing how big it is and how far that arm goes, i'm not entirely sure if it would fit in our room properly. I think two or six are my second favorites. It's a tough decision but I am getting there, slowly... at least i've narrowed it down to six choices! HA!
Let me know what you think! Which one would you choose?! I know what you are going to say, lets see the living room first! Patience, young grasshopper, patience!


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

last week in diy....

I'm going to start calling this series... "last week in diy" because I always manage to finish a project during the week, but I can never get a blog post written about it before the week is over. I blame real life/hockey. I haven't watched as much hockey as I have lately since I was in high school, and it was the cool thing to do to go and watch your high school team on a Saturday night! If you are from any small town in Canada, you will know what I am talking about!
ANYWAY, I have a real life blogger post for you today. So I try a new DIY a week, that's the idea, right? For the most part, i'm normally successful, right? Well last week? Not... so... much. But we can't always be perfect, right? Sometimes we fail. I mean I didn't fail horribly, but I also didn't really succeed. This definitely irks me a touch, but at the same time, I learned that maybe i'm not the best at... making friendship bracelets! HA!
I know what you are thinking, friendship bracelets? They have come a long way, my friend! They are not just braids that you make ten of in twenty minutes and give your friends the next day at school! No, now? Now they can actually be a statement piece within an armband! I love this idea... and so I wanted to give something quite different a try. Here is the post that I originally followed, and it's very well done, however I am apparently terrible with following written directions....
First attempt:

Not bad right? Looks like a heart... like it's supposed to. Now what you don't see is how it went clllllll downhill from there. I picked the wrong thread to put over the other wrong thread and knotted those two when I shouldn't have. Confused yet? Well now you know why I was! So I took a break....and I tried again...

Again, not bad! Will you get to see a finished product? I honestly don't know. Doing this reminded me of when I am reading a book and I just cannot get into it. I read at least a 1/4 of it and if I am still very uninterested and distracted easily then I put the book down. This is exactly like that. I'm not that interested in it. The finished product would be cool but i'm not sure I want to spend the time to get there! With that being said, I have learned something from this project, and that's what's really important, right?
I learned that I am definitely a visual learner. I could not follow the instructions on the original post I looked at. Not to say at all that they were bad instructions, it's truly my issue! As soon as I watched this You-Tube tutorial, I was off and running!

Now don't let me discourage you from giving this a try, maybe you are a closet pro at making friendship bracelets! I, clearly, am not... but i'm ok with that and ready to move onto the next project!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

so many choices...

Alright people. The living room in this house is coming along sooo well. It's pretty close to being done... Just a few more little decorative things to do. I got the painting done this past weekend too! It's not quite what I had originally planned, but I knew that Steve wasn't overly horny about the color I had chosen... even though he would never actually tell me! So, I decided to change it up a bit and I really love it... and where am I going with this? Well you don't get to see the room yet, but you do get to help me choose a little tiny chunk of fabric to go with my new wall color!! This is the color that I painted the TV wall in the living room...

It's called "Striking" by Behr. It's vibrant and very different, but I truly love it. I love being in my living room right now, and that feels really really good!
Now this is where you come in. In the living room on the TV/painted wall, is a door to the outdoors. The door is a little older and it is has a little window next to it. This little window has a little sheer brown curtain on it... not my choosing. I thought about just removing it, but the window behind it is UGLY. Weird? Yes... how can a window be ugly? Well I believe it is a storm window... also weird. So I left the ugly brown sheer for now. My plan? I am pretty confident that I can sew up a new little curtain to go in that space. I do not care if light shines through that teeny window because I have enough light in the rest of the room to make up for it. SO, I have been on Spoonflower for nights on end, trying to find something I can use, and here are my favorites...

Some of my choices are a little psychadellic, but I love them all and I think any one of them would work in this room! To help me decide I have basically shown you our TV wall. That's our exact TV cabinet, and that is the color of the wall. The door will eventually be painted white, it's currently beige. My favorite right now? #5..what's yours?



HEYYYYYY, I hope you all had fabulous Easter weekend, I know we did! I am in a really good mood today because we got so much accomplished over the weekend! Not only were we able to spend lots of time with family and friends (and eat lots of food), we were able to cross a few major things off our "to do" list! The most exciting of those things?! THE HEADBOARD IS DONE!!! Are you ready for this?! It does not mean that the bedroom is completed, but oh lordy does it make it feel sooo much more cozy in there! I haven't loved something this much since....chocolate? HA! Anyway, without further ado, here is our beautiful new headboard...

Isn't she beautiful!? I can't take much credit for it, as my hubby did all the real grunt work, but it was my idea.. so that counts for something right?!
He started by finding the studs in the wall first (hence the tabs of tape on the wall). Then he measured where the bottom of the headboard would be and where the top would be and marked them. Then he just started cutting pieces in a brick pattern and nailing them directly to the wall!

You may be wondering where we got all the beautiful old wood from?! Well, even if you aren't wondering, i'm going to tell you. My wonderful husband found an old grainery on a farm yard near our home. It was basically toppling over, so he asked the owner of the yard if he could take down the grainery and keep the wood. It was a resounding yes! So we now have an entire shed in our backyard that is full of beautiful old barn wood! I will never tire of it!

It's just so pretty. I can't stop staring at it!

I'm so glad this finally got done and that I love it so much. I sing to Steve and tell him how much I love it every single time that I walk into the room! My only real concern?? Do I put something up above the headboard? Or do extend the headboard a little bit higher? Thoughts?