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Friday, 17 April 2015

a little me time....

It is so sunny out lately in these parts and it's making me smile! It's amazing how the sun can make a person's mood change instantly! When you spend time in a cloudy, cold environment for so long, the sun is such a welcome change! And the warmth that it has been bringing with is has been amazing for us for this time of year! Needless to say I am absolutely loving it!
I am not here to just talk about weather today, even though that may be what it seems like. We Manitobans are famous for talking about the weather though, so can you blame me? What we are not famous for is talking about ourselves though... but I'm getting better at it! So indulge me, would you?

Baking: I am really trying my hand at eating better, but I absolutely cannot go one day without eating something chocolate... so... I have taken to trying to find the best healthier snacks that I can find. I found this one, and it's truly amazing, even Steve thinks so! There are no "added" sugars, obviously still sugar, but i'm not adding cups of it! They definitely quench my chocolate cravings, and knowing that they aren't horrible for me really makes me feel a thousand times better too!

Admiring: Myself in the mirror... I chopped my hair off the other day, 5 inches! It feels so freeing and glorious! I save about 15 minutes in the morning too, who wouldn't love that?!

Excited about: THIS!!! Kal Barteski is a local artist that is so beyond talented and a true inspiration. You may have noticed her beautiful artwork before.. I have used it on the blog a few times in designs. I can't begin to tell you how talented she is, you are really just going to have to and look for yourself. I cannot wait to incorporate some more of her work into our home, it just makes me smile. If you are in the Winnipeg area, you should definitely make the trip to check out her pop up show! I will be there, guaranteed!!
Now just for fun, here are a few of my very favorite, possible contenders, for our home:

Isn't she amazing!? Kal if you are reading this (ha!) I am your biggest fan! Creepy much?!
You can find all of these amazing prints here... support a local artist!

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