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Saturday, 4 April 2015


HEYYYYYY, I hope you all had fabulous Easter weekend, I know we did! I am in a really good mood today because we got so much accomplished over the weekend! Not only were we able to spend lots of time with family and friends (and eat lots of food), we were able to cross a few major things off our "to do" list! The most exciting of those things?! THE HEADBOARD IS DONE!!! Are you ready for this?! It does not mean that the bedroom is completed, but oh lordy does it make it feel sooo much more cozy in there! I haven't loved something this much since....chocolate? HA! Anyway, without further ado, here is our beautiful new headboard...

Isn't she beautiful!? I can't take much credit for it, as my hubby did all the real grunt work, but it was my idea.. so that counts for something right?!
He started by finding the studs in the wall first (hence the tabs of tape on the wall). Then he measured where the bottom of the headboard would be and where the top would be and marked them. Then he just started cutting pieces in a brick pattern and nailing them directly to the wall!

You may be wondering where we got all the beautiful old wood from?! Well, even if you aren't wondering, i'm going to tell you. My wonderful husband found an old grainery on a farm yard near our home. It was basically toppling over, so he asked the owner of the yard if he could take down the grainery and keep the wood. It was a resounding yes! So we now have an entire shed in our backyard that is full of beautiful old barn wood! I will never tire of it!

It's just so pretty. I can't stop staring at it!

I'm so glad this finally got done and that I love it so much. I sing to Steve and tell him how much I love it every single time that I walk into the room! My only real concern?? Do I put something up above the headboard? Or do extend the headboard a little bit higher? Thoughts?

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