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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

last week in diy....

I'm going to start calling this series... "last week in diy" because I always manage to finish a project during the week, but I can never get a blog post written about it before the week is over. I blame real life/hockey. I haven't watched as much hockey as I have lately since I was in high school, and it was the cool thing to do to go and watch your high school team on a Saturday night! If you are from any small town in Canada, you will know what I am talking about!
ANYWAY, I have a real life blogger post for you today. So I try a new DIY a week, that's the idea, right? For the most part, i'm normally successful, right? Well last week? Not... so... much. But we can't always be perfect, right? Sometimes we fail. I mean I didn't fail horribly, but I also didn't really succeed. This definitely irks me a touch, but at the same time, I learned that maybe i'm not the best at... making friendship bracelets! HA!
I know what you are thinking, friendship bracelets? They have come a long way, my friend! They are not just braids that you make ten of in twenty minutes and give your friends the next day at school! No, now? Now they can actually be a statement piece within an armband! I love this idea... and so I wanted to give something quite different a try. Here is the post that I originally followed, and it's very well done, however I am apparently terrible with following written directions....
First attempt:

Not bad right? Looks like a heart... like it's supposed to. Now what you don't see is how it went clllllll downhill from there. I picked the wrong thread to put over the other wrong thread and knotted those two when I shouldn't have. Confused yet? Well now you know why I was! So I took a break....and I tried again...

Again, not bad! Will you get to see a finished product? I honestly don't know. Doing this reminded me of when I am reading a book and I just cannot get into it. I read at least a 1/4 of it and if I am still very uninterested and distracted easily then I put the book down. This is exactly like that. I'm not that interested in it. The finished product would be cool but i'm not sure I want to spend the time to get there! With that being said, I have learned something from this project, and that's what's really important, right?
I learned that I am definitely a visual learner. I could not follow the instructions on the original post I looked at. Not to say at all that they were bad instructions, it's truly my issue! As soon as I watched this You-Tube tutorial, I was off and running!

Now don't let me discourage you from giving this a try, maybe you are a closet pro at making friendship bracelets! I, clearly, am not... but i'm ok with that and ready to move onto the next project!

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