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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

last week in diy

We have been without internet around here for almost a week. We are out in the boonies and when you get gusting winds of up to 80km/hr, shit happens!! So apparently it shifted our internet satellite, surprise surprise, but we are back in business now! Oh how I have missed this world wide web!!
Now, back to business! So, when I say last week in diy, I actually mean two weeks ago in diy! I am cheating a little bit with this diy... breaking the rules shall we say? My (our) DIY for last, last week wasn't necessarily from Pinterest, although I am sure there are a lot of similar ideas all over that site! It was something that Steve has wanted to do for a long time (not even my idea!!!!) and we finally made it come to fruition.. and it looks AMAZING!
As you may or may not know, Steve is quite handy and you may have heard me talk a lot about all the old barn wood that we have and have been using around the house. Obviously we used it in the bedroom for our headboard, and it's gorgeous! (Check that out here!) Well we, (and by we I mean Steve came up with the idea and I ok'd it!) decided that the living room needed a touch of "old" as well. There is one wall in the living/dining room that screams "accent" so that's exactly what we did. Here is the before:

This is what it FIRST looked like when we moved in. BARE. And those mirrors were one of the first things to go. Who wants to watch themselves eat? I know I likely don't look overly attractive while eating! Have I ever even showed you this part of the living room yet? Taking this picture, i'd basically be standing where the TV currently sits. That was our old, too small for the space, not practical anymore table. It is where our future, Steven made dining table will be going, but for now it's just sort of an empty space. It's very plain and it needed something... Originally I had wondered about wallpaper, but Steve would cringe every time I mentioned it, and frankly the pocket book couldn't afford it at the moment. Then the light bulb went off in Steve's mind and it was decided....
And now?!?!?!?! Here is our new wall, in all it's glory!!

are you ready???

Are you sure?!

TA DA!!!

We are very very proud of it... it makes it feel so cozy in here now. I am so close to being done with the living room. It's so damn exciting! I just need Steve to get making that dining table. Then curtains need to be hung, a gallery wall put up, and a bit more painting! I can taste it, then we can finally walk into that room and just relax. It will be so glorious! What do you think so far though? It's pretty great isn't it?!


  1. It is Great!! Love the turn out! I love the massive rustic looking clock on the wall too!! :)

  2. It is Great!! Love the turn out! I love the massive rustic looking clock on the wall too!! :)