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Saturday, 4 April 2015

so many choices...

Alright people. The living room in this house is coming along sooo well. It's pretty close to being done... Just a few more little decorative things to do. I got the painting done this past weekend too! It's not quite what I had originally planned, but I knew that Steve wasn't overly horny about the color I had chosen... even though he would never actually tell me! So, I decided to change it up a bit and I really love it... and where am I going with this? Well you don't get to see the room yet, but you do get to help me choose a little tiny chunk of fabric to go with my new wall color!! This is the color that I painted the TV wall in the living room...

It's called "Striking" by Behr. It's vibrant and very different, but I truly love it. I love being in my living room right now, and that feels really really good!
Now this is where you come in. In the living room on the TV/painted wall, is a door to the outdoors. The door is a little older and it is has a little window next to it. This little window has a little sheer brown curtain on it... not my choosing. I thought about just removing it, but the window behind it is UGLY. Weird? Yes... how can a window be ugly? Well I believe it is a storm window... also weird. So I left the ugly brown sheer for now. My plan? I am pretty confident that I can sew up a new little curtain to go in that space. I do not care if light shines through that teeny window because I have enough light in the rest of the room to make up for it. SO, I have been on Spoonflower for nights on end, trying to find something I can use, and here are my favorites...

Some of my choices are a little psychadellic, but I love them all and I think any one of them would work in this room! To help me decide I have basically shown you our TV wall. That's our exact TV cabinet, and that is the color of the wall. The door will eventually be painted white, it's currently beige. My favorite right now? #5..what's yours?



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  2. I really like 6 or 8, I think maybe more 6!