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Sunday, 31 May 2015

let's darken things up a bit...

Remember years ago, when forrest green and burgundy were really in style? Well I really remember because my bathroom reminds me of it every single day! I can't say that I really love the combination anymore, but, I do have a new found love for deep dark greens again, when used correctly!

This room always, always sticks in my mind when I think about dark green. It's such a perfect combination of colors and it was probably the reason that I even considered using a really dark color at all in any room! This bed frame is seriously in my dreams nightly. I would love to do something similar... someday!

This room is definitely a favorite too because it combines those colors that you only ever reference to a certain holiday and still make them work!! I swear that Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook, can turn anything into something amazing!

This has to be my very favorite of all time. This, right here. I want to paint a wall dark green just so that I can put a pine shelf up on it and stare at it on a daily basis.

Now since I am clearly so in love with dark green right now, besides in my bathroom, I thought I would try my hand at designing around the beautiful color myself! What do you think?!

I have been trying to expand my horizons lately and design spaces that are really unexpected. Would you normally put purple and dark green together? Maybe not! Would you normally add floral and black and white to that mix? Probably not...but I personally think it all looks great together.. only me? Maybe, but isn't that the greatest part of design? Trying new things and finding what you love and what makes you smile!

sofa**chair**floral**chevron**good vibes**pendant**vase**side table**entertainment unit

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel like...... asdf;lkjqepwoirupweqoihg;landm,v.xcn;lasdjfeowiqpurewpqoirua;lksdhf;lkanvlskdajf;sdf???? Nothing seems to make sense, you are in a haze for a good part of the day and you just aren’t sure where to turn next? I am having one of those days today! So what have I decided to do on this asdflkjqepouirqohgad day? Day dream about someday living in this amazing home. I mean I LOVE my home, but if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would drop everything and run to Redbud Construction and get them to build me this house...

Isn't it just dreamy? I can just picture myself rocking on that front porch, watching future little Steven's running around, while sipping on an ice cold beer. Come on, picture it with me!

The rest of the house isn't too shabby either! If you'd like to check out the rest of this gorgeous house and the other amazing homes that Redbud Construction has built, (they're all amazing), you can check them out here. Maybe grab a bib too because you may need it to sop up all the drool!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

gallery wall of my very own...

I have had a few requests for a closer look at the gallery wall that we hung around our TV this past weekend. You saw a preview of it in my post on Tuesday, and now we’ll get a little more up close and personal with it!

A gallery wall is simply a grouping of “things” hung on a wall. You can literally do this anywhere and use whatever you like in the grouping. I say “things” because it can really be anything that you like! If it can hang on a wall and you want to look at it on a daily basis, then by all means, put it in your gallery! For our gallery wall, I had accumulated a few specific pieces that I knew would add some character, but for the rest I basically just rummaged around my house for pieces that would work and that I love! I have to thank my wonderful husband for all his help with this... clearly I was a huge help ;)

I chose to do a gallery wall behind the TV because I wanted the TV to blend into the room more. Instead of being the centerpiece, I wanted to give it some character. It’s really not too hard to pull together. I had picked up a few Riba frames from Ikea recently, hoping to be able to use them both on the wall. I had picked up the ampersand in a sweet little store in Ottawa on my last visit. I wanted to buy just about everyting in the store at the time, but I knew that I would absolutely get use out of the ampersand and had an idea right away about what I wanted to do with it. The old frames came from my grandparent’s house. We used them at the wedding and then I thought about painting them, but honestly? I love the vintage appeal that they add. They are different and perfect in their old, worn out state. And frankly, the intricate wood detail is beautiful! I really lucked out on these ones!

The black frames that are all similar but have different pieces in them are actually from the dollar store a few years ago. I had used them as table decor at my grandparent’s 60th anniversary, and just loved them and have kept them ever since. They were actually hanging in our bathroom in the condo! I love being able to give something a new home and then it feels like an entirely new piece!

Now shall we talk about the obvious obsession I have with Kal Barteski? If you follow the blog regularly, you will notice that I have mentioned her a few times. Recently my mother-in-law and i went to one of her art shows where we fell even more in love with her! I purchased a few prints from her at that show and clearly had to incorporate them! I may swap them out at some point, but for now I love having each of them up there and they mean something to me so that’s all that really matters! Steve really loves the “Our hearts our wild, that’s why our ribs are cages” print. I have to say it’s one of my favorites too ;)

The other pieces, like the clipboard and the sailor man, were literally pieces that I picked up around the house at the last minute to include. I still want to add something below the framed ampersand, and i’m leaning towards these arrows from etsy. I think they’d be a perfect fit! Otherwise I am very pleased with how it turned out. It makes the living room so much more personal feeling. I just have to switch out a few of the photos that are in some of the frames... maybe, possibly add a wedding photo? Is it weird that we do not have a single wedding photo hanging anywhere in our home?! I feel it might be a touch sad, so we’ll add one on this wall someday! HA!

I hope this post has inspired you to create a gallery wall in your own home. It’s such an easy way to add a personal touch to your decor. I am so glad that we did it! You can check out some of my gallery wall idea posts here, here and here... to see just how creative you can really get with them!

old becomes new...

It's makeover time. I have been wanting to add a side table to our living room layout for quite awhile now. We have needed just one more place to set a drink, am I right?!
Anyway, I have had this old side table that used to be in the basement of the house that I grew up in. It then sat in my mom's house for years in her basement, with hoards of other furniture that would someday be in my home. Well that day came and some of that furniture was simply moved from one basement to another. Then it may or may not have been forgotten about. Until the other day, it suddenly occured to me that I would never use the table in the state that it was in, so why not paint it?

It was in really great shape and it has great lines. I also wanted to add another pop of color to the living room so this was a great way to add that mint color that I was originally going to put on the walls.

Good call, right?! It was a little bit tedious, but it only took me about half a day. I was able to run around and do other things while one coat dried. I should mention that I did prime it before I started painting it. I should also mention that for some reason, even with primer, the top needed 6 coats because the old wood still seemed to be showing through! And yes, I did sand it down first too. Any ideas as to why!? It was kind of, sort of really annoying!

It was all worth it though, because now it's a beautiful piece and a perfect addition to the living room. And it has meaning and history. Instead of sitting in our basement for another ten or so years, it has a home and a purpose. I LOVE THAT!

Monday, 18 May 2015

I've been doing some thinking and our biggest change...

Why hello there! I know what you are thinking, where have you been? Well, I have been around... and no, that's not an excuse to have not been blogging for almost a month! The truth? I needed a break. I needed to get my head back into the game to come up with some quality posts. I felt that everything was just becoming more of a chore than fun, and that I was going more for quantity and not quality. I am hoping to change that starting today! I have had a chance to get a few more things done around the house, and to really sit down and think about what I would like this blog to become. It's going to take a lot of work, but now I am ready for it! So let's begin this new chapter, shall we?!

Our living room.... it’s the biggest change in our home so far, and it’s taken the longest because it literally had NOTHING in it when we first moved in. We had brought furniture from a one bedroom condo to a 5 bedroom house, so needless to say, we had a lot of room to fill up! We have slowly, but surely added larger pieces and it’s feeling like our home now, not someone else's that we are just occupying! I’d like to say that I have a favorite or biggest change, but to me, it’s all pretty big! The new sofa was a must, as we only had one small one before that would have looked so minuscule in the space! The barn wood wall is definitely a favorite, and made a huge impact for sure (see that here). I love every piece that is in this room so far, and I think that’s a big thing for me . I am slowly adding pieces, but only pieces that I truly want to be in this room! No more bringing stuff in because it has nowhere else to live or nowhere else to land.

Having said all that, there has been a lack of personal items in the living room. If you walked in, you would never know it was our house... not a picture in site really. No personal items of any sort and that has been a little bit depressing. Well that all changed this weekend! We finally got to putting up the gallery wall around the TV and I LOVE IT!

Now, before I start to show you how great this place looks today, I want to flash back to what it first looked like when we moved in. Actually, this is what it looked like before we moved in!

Comfortable, right? Before we painted, I felt for a long time that this house was never really ours... that it still had the feel of the old owners and we were just inhabiting the place. Now it is really starting to feel like ours, and that really is a great feeling. I can walk into this space and know that I live here, it has my stamp on it for sure now. Here's what it's looking like these days.

I will do another post on our gallery wall, I am truly in love with it!

What do we have left to do in this room you ask? Well, I am glad you asked. We want to add some shelving behind the sofa (hopefully it will be a fairly simple project)! I want to paint the sofa table, might go with the mint that I originally wanted for the walls? I think we need another pop of color in here so that would work really well! I also have to paint the curtain rods again because now that they are up on the windows, they look a little dark still. They need at least another coat! Oh and the outside door DEFINITELY needs to be painted! I’d also like to get making the little curtain for the doorway too. I'd like to vamp up the hammock corner too... i’m thinking a pouf and a potted plant maybe? Thoughts?

So that’s where we are at! Seems like there is still so much to do but when i think about how far we have already come, i’m really proud!
Eventually i would also like to change out the lighting. Just a little bit fancier flush mount and then a pendant for the dining area. That might be the last thing we do though! Not quite as important. Oh and I almost forgot, i would like to still add a floor lamp in there somewhere too!