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Monday, 18 May 2015

I've been doing some thinking and our biggest change...

Why hello there! I know what you are thinking, where have you been? Well, I have been around... and no, that's not an excuse to have not been blogging for almost a month! The truth? I needed a break. I needed to get my head back into the game to come up with some quality posts. I felt that everything was just becoming more of a chore than fun, and that I was going more for quantity and not quality. I am hoping to change that starting today! I have had a chance to get a few more things done around the house, and to really sit down and think about what I would like this blog to become. It's going to take a lot of work, but now I am ready for it! So let's begin this new chapter, shall we?!

Our living room.... it’s the biggest change in our home so far, and it’s taken the longest because it literally had NOTHING in it when we first moved in. We had brought furniture from a one bedroom condo to a 5 bedroom house, so needless to say, we had a lot of room to fill up! We have slowly, but surely added larger pieces and it’s feeling like our home now, not someone else's that we are just occupying! I’d like to say that I have a favorite or biggest change, but to me, it’s all pretty big! The new sofa was a must, as we only had one small one before that would have looked so minuscule in the space! The barn wood wall is definitely a favorite, and made a huge impact for sure (see that here). I love every piece that is in this room so far, and I think that’s a big thing for me . I am slowly adding pieces, but only pieces that I truly want to be in this room! No more bringing stuff in because it has nowhere else to live or nowhere else to land.

Having said all that, there has been a lack of personal items in the living room. If you walked in, you would never know it was our house... not a picture in site really. No personal items of any sort and that has been a little bit depressing. Well that all changed this weekend! We finally got to putting up the gallery wall around the TV and I LOVE IT!

Now, before I start to show you how great this place looks today, I want to flash back to what it first looked like when we moved in. Actually, this is what it looked like before we moved in!

Comfortable, right? Before we painted, I felt for a long time that this house was never really ours... that it still had the feel of the old owners and we were just inhabiting the place. Now it is really starting to feel like ours, and that really is a great feeling. I can walk into this space and know that I live here, it has my stamp on it for sure now. Here's what it's looking like these days.

I will do another post on our gallery wall, I am truly in love with it!

What do we have left to do in this room you ask? Well, I am glad you asked. We want to add some shelving behind the sofa (hopefully it will be a fairly simple project)! I want to paint the sofa table, might go with the mint that I originally wanted for the walls? I think we need another pop of color in here so that would work really well! I also have to paint the curtain rods again because now that they are up on the windows, they look a little dark still. They need at least another coat! Oh and the outside door DEFINITELY needs to be painted! I’d also like to get making the little curtain for the doorway too. I'd like to vamp up the hammock corner too... i’m thinking a pouf and a potted plant maybe? Thoughts?

So that’s where we are at! Seems like there is still so much to do but when i think about how far we have already come, i’m really proud!
Eventually i would also like to change out the lighting. Just a little bit fancier flush mount and then a pendant for the dining area. That might be the last thing we do though! Not quite as important. Oh and I almost forgot, i would like to still add a floor lamp in there somewhere too!

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