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Sunday, 31 May 2015

let's darken things up a bit...

Remember years ago, when forrest green and burgundy were really in style? Well I really remember because my bathroom reminds me of it every single day! I can't say that I really love the combination anymore, but, I do have a new found love for deep dark greens again, when used correctly!

This room always, always sticks in my mind when I think about dark green. It's such a perfect combination of colors and it was probably the reason that I even considered using a really dark color at all in any room! This bed frame is seriously in my dreams nightly. I would love to do something similar... someday!

This room is definitely a favorite too because it combines those colors that you only ever reference to a certain holiday and still make them work!! I swear that Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook, can turn anything into something amazing!

This has to be my very favorite of all time. This, right here. I want to paint a wall dark green just so that I can put a pine shelf up on it and stare at it on a daily basis.

Now since I am clearly so in love with dark green right now, besides in my bathroom, I thought I would try my hand at designing around the beautiful color myself! What do you think?!

I have been trying to expand my horizons lately and design spaces that are really unexpected. Would you normally put purple and dark green together? Maybe not! Would you normally add floral and black and white to that mix? Probably not...but I personally think it all looks great together.. only me? Maybe, but isn't that the greatest part of design? Trying new things and finding what you love and what makes you smile!

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