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Thursday, 21 May 2015

old becomes new...

It's makeover time. I have been wanting to add a side table to our living room layout for quite awhile now. We have needed just one more place to set a drink, am I right?!
Anyway, I have had this old side table that used to be in the basement of the house that I grew up in. It then sat in my mom's house for years in her basement, with hoards of other furniture that would someday be in my home. Well that day came and some of that furniture was simply moved from one basement to another. Then it may or may not have been forgotten about. Until the other day, it suddenly occured to me that I would never use the table in the state that it was in, so why not paint it?

It was in really great shape and it has great lines. I also wanted to add another pop of color to the living room so this was a great way to add that mint color that I was originally going to put on the walls.

Good call, right?! It was a little bit tedious, but it only took me about half a day. I was able to run around and do other things while one coat dried. I should mention that I did prime it before I started painting it. I should also mention that for some reason, even with primer, the top needed 6 coats because the old wood still seemed to be showing through! And yes, I did sand it down first too. Any ideas as to why!? It was kind of, sort of really annoying!

It was all worth it though, because now it's a beautiful piece and a perfect addition to the living room. And it has meaning and history. Instead of sitting in our basement for another ten or so years, it has a home and a purpose. I LOVE THAT!

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