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Thursday, 25 June 2015

help... this shouldn't be so hard...

As my grandma would say, I “switched horses in the middle of the stream”. I have quit working on the upstairs in our home because I was stuck, so I went downstairs and started painting down there because we have a very VERY clear vision for the basement! Before I show you what we have actually been doing in the basement, I want to talk more about the upstairs, specifically our bedroom.... where i’m REALLY stuck. It’s driving me bonkers.
I thought that I had a pretty clear vision for our bedroom. I had good ideas, but actually finding the items that I would like at the price that I would like (preferably free!!), is turning out to be a lot harder than i had first anticipated. This is what the room currently looks like...

Once the headboard was in, my mind started racing. I was determined to find curtains that I loved next, and then when i found them, they were going to cost a small fortune, AND they were not going to be black out blinds. Then the hunt was really on... and I should really say the hunt is still on because for the life of me, I cannot find anything that even remotely appeals to me and is also practical!! So there’s that... then there’s this...

I was out at my brother’s place for the weekend, and they were sorting through all their belongings for an upcoming move. Tthey presented me with not one, but TWO of my dad’s old Hudson Bay Blankets. I THOUGHT THEY WERE GONE!!!! I thought they had gotten lost in the shuffle when we originally went through his belongings and were long gone! I had no appreciation for them back then, but I SURE DO NOW!!! These blankets are gorgeous. And I want to use them, but where? So I threw one onto the end of our bed, and my mind started racing in a completely different direction... maybe i could use this blanket as our new bedroom inspiration... it would suit Steve much better than the purple I’m sure! However, if I stick with the purple theme, then I’m halfway there already. See where my dilemma lies? ! #firstworldproblems.
So, I have prepared a couple new mood boards for our bedroom. As you may remember, I have already discussed our need for new lighting as the light on my side of the bed doesn’t even work right now. So I am considering steeling the sconces from our spare bedroom and putting them in here. And we have a new IKEA dresser that’s waiting to be put together and painted, so that will definitely be in the room too, just a matter of what color to paint it!
Here is design #1, using the Hudson Bay blanket as my inspiration.... and I should mention I still have gift cards for Urban Barn so a lot of the pieces are from there too, like I said, best if free!


Then you’ve got design #2, which I think i’m actually leaning towards... it’s more me, but will steve kill me if the purple stays? (hey , i’ve gotten away with it so far)!!! Oh and in this design, the tapestry from urban outfitters is simply inspiration. I think i would take white, blackout curtains from IKEA an d stencil on the triangles... so much more fun! Thoughts?


With either of these designs, new sheets might have to be bought/splurged.... as we crawled into bed last night I noticed a giant hole in our best/most comfortable sheets. How sad, right? I was super bummed. They are just so damn comfy and you can’t get them anymore! Ugh... #firstworldproblems. Sh#t happens, I know! Now, will you please help me decide what to do with our bedroom? I thought that writing this post might help... no such luck!

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