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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

pretty kitchen...

If you missed it... I talked about our plan to renovate our kitchen here... and now I'm going to discuss with you the pretty plans that we have for the kitchen!! That's always the most fun anyway, isn't it?

This is where things are at currently... Not much to look at... literally. It's in pretty much it's original state, there are just prettier appliances!
Originally I wanted to be adventurous in our new kitchen and had thought about doing a darker color on the bottom cabinets and white on the upper cabinets. I love IKEA, but their selection for cabinets isn’t expansive... so we worked with what they had and decided to go all white and add color/texture in other places. We chose a basic white cabinet. I am happy with this choice, and as much as I would love to try a dark color on the bottom, this is definitely timeless. Now I know what you are thinking... white appliances, white cabinets, too much white? You can NEVER have too much white in my opinion! However, we do plan to break up all the white!
For a countertop we chose butcher block. Not only is it durable and functional, it also adds a natural element to the design! I love LOVE a beautiful wood countertop... it just warms up a space! We are looking into possibly getting a coating put over top of the countertop so that we don’t have to worry about it for years, instead of just putting a urethane coat on it. That’s a decision for another time though!
For backsplash, we have talked about doing a simple subway tile... again in white. Now THIS might seem like too much white, but again, I don’t think you can have too much. I have a lot of inspiration photos floating around in my head and all of them are telling me that this is a good idea! I know that I would get tired of some sort of fancy colored tile, and I would LOVE to do a marble, but that just isn’t in the budget! SO, white subway tile it is! We are considering doing a black grout along with it though! Just to be a bit different ;)
For hardware, we are going pretty simple and sticking with good old IKEA. We want to do these drawer pulls for the lower cabinets which are all basically drawers..

and these for the upper cabinets...

And the piece de resistance? I want to go with a black faucet... something like this...

How gorgeous?! I know this all seems super simple and plain, but i know it’s going to look sooo good, and I can add other pops of color in different places. For instance, all my cooking utensils are super bright colors (which I love!) and I still have this entire wall that needs to be painted!!

This wall is opposite to the fridge. When we first looked at the house they had a banquet in here that they decided to take with them... cue tears . We will likely do something very similar! I love the idea of having a little eat in kitchen! It really does excite me! (Possibly more than it should?)

Other finishing elements will be lighting... as fluorescent lighting is AWFUL and I will never understand why it was ever thought to be a good idea! Besides that, they take about 15 minutes to actually turn on all the way! Drives me bonkers! I have been looking at something like this for the main light in the middle of the room...

And this for over the kitchen table....

Lighting plans could DEFINITELY change though and will likely be the last thing that we change out!
I have also been asked if we will be doing anything with the beautiful bay window above the sink and the answer is no... I will not be painting it or doing anything to it... someday it might get a different stain applied, but that would be all. I love having that window and I would love to keep it natural!

Steve and I were watching, Sam Pynn's Open House Overhaul the other night, and as you may or may not know, she uses a LOT of IKEA pieces in her designs. Well, she just happened to do a kitchen... our kitchen!! She used our cabinets, our knobs and our countertop! It was a beautiful reassurance that I picked the right kitchen... I LOVED IT! My voice was rather high pitched when I saw it! "THAT'S OUR KITCHEN!!!" Here's a little peek...

All this talk makes me SO excited to get started...and finish our kitchen!! It's going to make it feel so much more like "us" in here and I cannot wait!

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