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Thursday, 18 June 2015

what's goin on....

There's been a lot going on around here lately, but it feels like none of it has had anything to do with our house! This weekend we are going to be able to tackle a few projects though, and I'm THRILLED that one of them will be having air conditioning installed!! We moved in last August (almost a year! how did that happen?!?!) and it was a VERY hot month and we learned very quickly that A/C was going to be the first major change to this house. Ah I'm just so excited!
The next project that we (Steve) hope to complete this weekend is adding a seat to this table...

This table was given to us by my step-grandpa.... how weird does that sound? We call him Joe. He is moving in the very near future and had a few “gold mines” in his home that we were glad to take off of his hands! This table was a resounding YES as i knew right away that it would fit in perfectly in our sunroom. Confession: I love this sunroom but DAMN it’s hot in there when it’s even remotely warm outside. I am really not sure how to prevent this... I realize that’s what a sunroom is for... but we basically will not be able to use it all summer. It’s more of a two season room – Spring and Fall. Anyone else have this “problem”?
Anyway, back to the table. It looks like a picnic table, right? It is just lacking a very pertinent feature...a place to sit your bum down. Well, I have asked that Steve build it out so that it actually does function like a picnic table... and then?! Then I plan on painting it... the top for sure. I am not sure whether I should go with a fun, bright color, or stick to a more neutral pallet.

The room itself will not change for the most part. The stucco will stay the same and the cedar is not going anywhere (it smells amazing!!), but it needs something. Our Adirondack chairs are more out of necessity and convenience than style, but I have tried to make them as pretty as possible! I plan on adding a bench against the wall in here, and maybe a couple plants (fake or real)? It’s all a HUGE work in progress, but at the very least, it’s now a useable space, which makes me very very happy! It truly is my happy place lately. I love to eat out here, hang out with friends, or just sit in the corner enjoying the sunset in our backyard with a drink in one hand and a really good book in the other!

This table is our main project right now, and the dining table is always in the back of our mind too! Steve is a busy busy man and I rely heavily on him for such projects so they may take awhile to near completion, but i know it’ll all be worth the wait!

We spend a LOT of time outside lately, keeping the yard up to snuff, and I am loving it, but it definitely takes up a good chunk of our spare time! We have a garden planted and I am slowly seeing progress, good progress! I have never planted a garden of my very own, so I really don't quite know what I am doing, but with a few tips from my grandparents and some general knowledge of how things grow, I think I can at least make half of what I planted eventually become edible!

Oh! I am also starting to work on our basement! I don't think I have talked too much about the basement, so I will have to do a separate post on it in the near future. It's going to be Steve's "man cave" and so if you know Steve at all, you can probably guess that it will be a Winnipeg Jets theme room. I am really excited to get this started for him! I have bought the paint and I have recruited a friend of ours to paint a mural wall... Thanks Josee!!

So that's what we are up to lately, what do you have on your "to do" list this summer?! Can summer please slow down so we can finish all our projects before the cold of winter closes us in again!? It's Hard to believe that June is almost over!


  1. I fell upon this blogger lady when I was looking for a 'kid table' to make for Ary in the backyard so she doesn't have to sit on adult chairs that will fold on her!! I think I might just make a super small scale version of your big 'picnic' table! I really like the painting techniques she used especially the bench in the following link: Maybe you could also try it and let me know how it goes first!?! haha or even if you weren't sure what to do with the little side table?

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