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Sunday, 12 July 2015

a little me time...

It has been rather quiet around the blog lately, but I have a good reason for that, I swear! Steve and I have been relaxing, and by relaxing I mean RELAXING, at the lake for the last ten days. It has truly been glorious and a much needed break from reality!

Isn’t it beautiful? Can you really blame us for shutting off from the outside world to enjoy this view?! I truly look forward to this week every year. It allows us both to recharge our batteries, and prepare to take on the world again… aka real life.
On our week off, I managed to read a couple books, including Every Fifteen Seconds, by Lisa Scottoline, and Outside the Lines, by Amy Hatvany...

It took a little bit to get into Every Fifteen Minutes, nothing terribly exciting happens until about a third of the way in … but after that it really caught my attention and kept hold. It was a perfect lake read. I can honestly say that I did not see the ending coming and usually I have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen at the end of a novel… but this one shocked me!
Outside the lines was a really quick read, but it was quite good. Hatvany gives her readers insight into mental illness, and the struggles that both parties face when a loved one has mental illness. I truly recommend!

Steve spent most of his time watching James Bond…. From the beginning. I do not want to insult any James Bond fans, and don’t get me wrong, I have watched the newer movies and have loved them, but the old ones were rather cheesy… Not only in their cinematic quality but their story lines too. They’ve come a long way!
I must admit that I did glance up from my book quite often to see what was going on during the movies, however, it was mostly to stare at a young and extremely handsome Sean Connery.

Steve celebrated his 33 birthday while we were at the lake as well, so we headed into Kenora, the nearest town, and had lunch at our favorite spot… Lake of the Woods Brewing Company. Yes it’s a brewery, but it’s also a restaurant. They took the old fire hall, and turned it into a brewery/restaurant. The atmosphere is that of a pub, but it’s very family oriented as well. We both highly recommend it when/if you are ever in the Kenora area!

Now however, it’s back to reality. Back into the swing of things, working on our home. We are currently discussing when we are going to start demo of the kitchen and that excites me greatly! It’s amazing what a week off from the world can do for a person! Our motivation is back, now if only our pocket books could agree with all the work we have left to do ;) anyone else have this issue?! Maybe I’ll go buy a lottery ticket….

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