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Monday, 20 July 2015

walk in the woods...

Good morning! Happy Monday...I think? It's so hard to want to get up on Monday's in the summer, isn't it? Knowing that you have to go to work all day instead of going to the beach to soak up the sun... or in my case, the lake! I seem to always have the lake on my brain lately and this room kinda, sorta proves that!
Slight sidetrack: When I first bought my condo, I had a hard time trying to figure out what to do in my bedroom... and then I took a trip to Mexico with a couple of girlfriends. I loved it SO much and I didn't ever want to leave so I decided right then and there that my bedroom needed to be a constant reminder of the beauty of the beach and that bright blue water. So what did I do? I painted the walls a beachy, sandy color, and then I painted the wall behind my bed a beautiful oceany turquoise and plopped a palm tree decal off to the side. I LOVED IT! It was so calming and peaceful to me and in the middle of our frigid winters it was a nice little escape. It was definitely nothing fancy, but on my measly budget, it was perfect for me. And now? Now I would love to decorate a room to be a constant reminder of the relaxation that I feel when I'm at the lake!

bed**wall decals**dresser**curtains**birch pillow**mustard pillow**chair**map

It feels so refreshing, so peaceful, so homey. And that map? It just needs to be Canadian and it would be perfect ;)
I am slightly in love with Wear Joy Bird furniture, you can pick from so many different sofas and chairs and then basically customize them to fit your own space... they have a bazillion different fabric swatches and it sometimes boggles my mind! I am super tempted to try them out for myself for real someday! I have yet to discover if they ship to Canada though! I wish you Americans would share your great products with us Canadians more often!! While I'm at it, if you Australians, New Zealanders, and basically all Europeans can share with us too that'd be fantastic! Thanks!

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