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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

where to start...(office inspiration)

Our office... ..... .... I don’t know where to begin... I love having an office space, but I rarely use it... why?? Well it’s in our basement for one. Two, it’s very un inspiring. So what’s my plan? Make it inspiring!! It has hoards of storage, but not the most useful storage. I HATE the countertop, so it might just get a paint job for now? Have you ever painted a counter? Pinterest research it is!! I also want to take down the “box” situation that would have housed a very old computer. That is just unnecessary and I’d like to put some boards up maybe? Inspiration boards?
I really need to use this space more and just turn off the tv and sit and write, that’s the ultimate plan. Oh and the floor in here... UGH. If i knew for sure that i could rip up this carpet without there being a pile of glue stuck to the cement floor, i’d do it. But my fear is that it will not come up clean. I’d just paint the floor in there and maybe put a rug down! Where did one get such dark, rather ugly carpet at one time!?
I definitely need to figure out the storage... What you cannot see in this picture is that there are bookshelves over the desk area to the left. I love the bookshelves and plan on having them full of books someday and they are a great place to store magazines, but the lower shelves are mostly just open. A filing system would be ideal... but I have yet to figure out how to make that happen, in an inexpensive way!!
Currently this "office" is more of a dumping ground for things that don't belong anywhere else in the house! I have tried a couple of times to organize things and make the space a bit more inviting, but it just isn't working... yet. Maybe once we get Steve's man cave finished, I will feel inspired to be down there more and work on making that one room in the basement all mine!
In the mean time, I have been hitting up Pinterest for inspiration and easy ways to vamp up this room without spending hoards of money...


I love this plank wall, it would be so simple and such a statement... and of course it would tie in the rest of our house... remember the dining room?


I definitely want to have some sort of an inspiration wall... I love the look of this one. Simple, yet bright and cheery! I'm already feeling inspired!


PAINT!!! The most frugal way to update a room! I love stripes... I love any shape really that's painted on a wall. I will likely end up using a lot of paint in this room to counteract all the wood and the ugly carpet! Ugh... that carpet really does give me nightmares!


Another AMAZING inspiration board. And I would love to swap out all that wood for this sleek, beautiful desk space! Much more inspiring! (I might miss all the storage though!!)

Which one is your favorite? Do you have any other inspiration for me? Any ideas? I'll take ANY and ALL suggestions on what to do with the carpet... broken record much?

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