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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

book report...

I’ve been on another roll lately and have a few books to share with you! It always makes me laugh when I talk to Steve about reading. He always ALWAYS says to me, I don’t understand how you can read so fast and get through so many books so quickly... like are you even reading them? or are you just skimming everything. To which I always ALWAYS respond... babe, i LIKE to read and therefore I practice a lot and just get better at it all the time. and the more into a book I am, the quicker I seem to read it which sometimes makes me mad because sometimes I don’t want it to end! It’s like a series finale of your favorite TV show. It’s depressing when it’s finally come to an end and you know that’s it! Sometimes I want to know what the rest of their life looks like! Where do they go from here? What do they do? Anyway, enough rambling... actually speaking of rambling... a couple of friends and I will be starting a book club in the very near future... our first pick is House in the Sky by Amanda Lindholt and Sara Corbett. I am really looking forward to reading more, talking about books and being able to visit on a regular basis with a couple girlfriends. Isn’t it amazing the things that seem to excite you as you get older?! Frankly, I love it!
Now, without further ado, here are my most recent summer reads...

Safe With Me – Amy Hatvany: This is actually the second book by this author that I have read recently. She writes very well and I find them very easy books to get into and stay interested in. No outlandish topics or story lines, but she definitely keeps you hooked. This one is about two mothers who come to be friends through rather extraordinary circumstances. It is a good example of how your actions can speak louder than words and the people that they can affect without you even knowing it! Definitely worth a read if you are off to the lake for the weekend!

Outside The Lines – Amy Hatvany: This was the first book by this author that i read actually, and it really got to me. It was a really good look into the minds of people with mental disease and how it affects them and the people around them. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and what it had to offer. Probably my favorite of the two!

Every Fifteen Minutes – Lisa Scottoline: I am on the fence about this author. I have read a couple of her books that I have really liked and I’ve actually dropped a couple half way through because I just can't get into it. If I had read this book anywhere but the lake I might have also dropped it half way through, but it was after the half way mark that it started to really get good! The ending was not what I expected at all. It was about a psychologist who tries to help a young boy struggling through life. He gets sucked into a world that he never expected to be sucked into but he stands strong in his appeal to help the young boy when others seem to give up on him. In the end, the good guys win and the bad guys get caught... you just really get a surprise as to who the bad guys are!

I am Malala - Malala Yousafzai: This book... THIS BOOK. I read this book in two days. I don't normally love biographies, but this one tugged at my heart strings and it gave me a new perspective on a part of the world that, I have to admit, I've ignored. In case you are sometimes oblivious to the outside world like I am, here's a quick background. Malala was a student and frankly and activist in Pakistan, and she was eventually shot by the Taliban for speaking her mind and fighting for her education. Did I mention she was shot in the head? and she survived? It's really an incredible story and sometimes it's hard to believe that it's being written by a child. She is truly wise beyond her years and she might just give you a new outlook on life. I would love to get more into depth on the background of the story, but it tends to get me rather heated and angry about a very touchy subject, so I will leave it alone. But if you find yourself feeling down on your luck, pick up this book and it might just make you realize that you don't have it so rough! Highly recommend!!

What are you currently reading?! I'd love some suggestions!

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