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Monday, 17 August 2015

it's really happening...

**Sidenote: I have been quiet lately and with good reason. My grandmother... a strong, loving, caring, stubborn, pie making machine of a woman has passed away. For me, when life happens like this, I step back and re-evaluate what is important in my life and frankly, the blog takes a backseat. My main focus now is to spend time with my family. However, I still want to do what makes me happy...blogging. Slowly i'll get back into the swing of things around here. Sidenote over**

Well folks, if you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that we finally took the plunge. Our outdated kitchen is gone. No more orange plexiglass inserts, no more linoleum countertop, no more dark oak staring me in the face. It’s all gone... all that’s left? Some plywood on the floor and some really bad green paint on the walls! Now for those of you who may just be joining me here on the old blogosphere, here is a before picture of our lovely 1970’s kitchen...

Not horrible, right? But, definitely not our style. I talked about how we came to decide on an entire kitchen renovation here... and now it’s really happening, almost a year later! But that’s life, right? Sometimes shit just takes a back seat to the more important things!
Now I must admit that I have not done much work so far, Steve and his fabulous dad have been doing all the hard work! I removed everything from the kitchen and it’s currently taken up residence in our living room (which drives me nuts), and then, the demolition started. They took out the old cabinets and countertop carefully so that we can possibly sell them. They are in really good shape and would work perfect for someone’s cottage! Or hell, even if someone wanted to put the work into painting them and putting new hardware on for their home! So if you know anyone looking for cabinetry, please send them our way!

After the boys removed all of the cabinetry, we ran into two relatively small problems. Ok, the one problem cost us a new floor, but the other is small and that is truly such a relief! When you open up any room, especially a kitchen, you just never know what you might find! We had a little bit of mold in one outside corner of the room... that’s the little problem. We will simply cut out that section of drywall (hope that there are no issues with the insulation behind it) and re- drywall that patch. The problem that cost us new flooring? At one point, the old home owners had a leak in their dishwasher, which went under the cabinets surrounding it. Our flooring was vinyl and was laid on top of particle board, which was on top of the subfloor. The particle board swelled from the water, thus creating a bump in the flooring (and another possible mold issue)! So we cut our losses and just ripped up the flooring as well. It’s not a huge space, so flooring won’t be the end of the world, but it was an expense that we were not expecting. And now that we are doing the kitchen floor? Well we have to do the entry and down the stairs into the basement, otherwise we would have three different types of flooring in that one area, and there are far too many types of flooring in our home as it is!
All in all, I am really happy with how everything is going so far. No major issues makes for a fantastic renovation in my books! We will be looking at flooring options soon, then we need to get some drywall patched up and mudded and taped and then it will be my turn to do some priming and painting... slowly but surely we will get there and I cannot wait! I can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, but I know I will soon!

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