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Friday, 4 September 2015's September...

Where did August go? I know we only say this because it's summer, and we know that the white stuff is going to start flying soon, but seriously...where did August go? Maybe I missed it because all we've been doing is kitchen, kitchen, kitchen! As much as i'm going to miss the beautiful summer weather, I am looking forward to some bonfires, chunky sweaters, and.... a kitchen that works. Too much kitchen talk? Well good news, i'm taking my mind off of the kitchen by pining over amazing finds on Etsy. Pine with me, won't you?

1. I always have to include at least one throw pillow. I love the simplicity of this one.

2. This shop on Etsy has fabulous prints. They are so bright and literally feel like they are giving me energy when I look at them. I am picturing in a nursery, or a little girls room. Or in my bathroom?! Ok, could pretty much put these prints anywhere.. LOVE!

3. Brass, i'm still on the brass band wagon. It's so gorgeous and i'd really like to add some to our home, and something like this would be a super simple way to do this! More greenery and more brass is never a bad thing in a home!

4. Furniture...on amazing. They have such a selection now and I always love me some wood and metal mixed furniture. I was drawn to these stools for their bases. There's something funky and modern yet simple and rustic about them. That combination always bodes well with me!

5. Please visit this Etsy shop and just try and tell me that their pieces don't make you smile! I bet you can't do it!

6. I am on a bit of a plant kick since I bought my first one this summer. Yes, you heard me correct, I bought my first plant this summer. I have never been known to have a green thumb, but I wanted to bring life into our house, and I'd love to add a little bit more in a tiny form like this... seems like I'd be able to handle taking care of something this small and cute!

7. A simple, chic magazine rack. I'd like to try my hand at making one just like this someday, but in case you are like me and never actually get around to doing what you think you can do, go to this shop and buy this one (just like i'll likely end up doing)!

8. Now, this is technically an actual first aid box, but I would most definitely use it for anything... keys, jewelry, pom poms, snacks.. you name it!

9. Another super simple, but freaking awesome print. So incredibly simple but gives up such a fun vibe!

10. Concrete.. my love affair continues. This time I'm taking it to the bathroom.


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