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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

wanna stay?

I feel like I'm channeling Emily Henderson with this design... If you don't know who she is... you should likely check her out and then you'll see what I mean! LOVE HER!

Anway, I've really been into the dark moody colors lately, so I thought I'd try my hand at something completely different, and I came up with this...

When I am planning out a room design, I like to find one item that I truly love and go from there. It helps me to have one thing to work around, whether it be a painting or a bed.. doesn't much matter! In this room? Clearly it was that bed. It's velvet... can you get any cozier and regal than that? Seriously. It mostly just reminds me of my Grandma and all her velour track suits she would wear. She made them classy and I freakin miss that velour maven!
To go along with this BE A UTIFUL bed, which I could have absolutely made appear much more regal, I pared chambray curtains. These curtains relax the room and give it a much more comfortable appeal. Throw in a plant and the relaxation level goes up another ten notches! Now, may I please comment on the beautiful dresser? It's a new piece from West Elm and it's what my dreams are made of. Rustic and modern all balled up into one beautiful piece. If only I were made of money and my home had five hundred rooms that I could decorate and use fabulous pieces like this. If I bought another dresser I think Steve might actually have me committed. We have three sitting in our basement that are not in use already! Someday.. that's what I keep telling him... and myself...

**bed**plant**curtains**sconce**carpe diem**chevron pillow**lattice pillow**dresser**

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