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Thursday, 25 May 2017

the little kitchen that could...

This is probably one of the most honest blog posts you will have read in a long time. If you have been following me and my little blog for awhile, you may remember all the trials and tribulations we had while renovating our kitchen. If you are new to the blog, I will catch you up rather quickly. We had an old kitchen that looked like this:

After ordering a new fridge that was too big for the "fridge hole" we decided to just rip the kitchen out and redo the entire thing... ourselves...while still working full time jobs...yes we are crazy.

We got the kitchen to this point:

(Sorry for the horrible phone picture, but you get the point).

It was totally useable... and then we decided to have a baby. Now it's been almost two years since the day we gutted it and we are so close to being done... SO CLOSE!

We managed to get the lovely "hospital green" paint off the walls. I managed to convince Steven to let me paint part of the kitchen purple... yes, you heard correctly, purple!! We also got the new lighting installed over the bay window..
Sidenote: There was never any lighting above the bay window before... we stole the electricity from a light switch that was controlling the dishwasher. That's right, the dishwasher was on a switch...why? Well we figure it was because they did not have a large enough breaker panel, so when they wanted to use the microwave and stove, they could turn the dishwasher off. I guess that's one solution to the problem! **rolling eyes**

We have also installed our backsplash *YAY* and the crown moulding around the top of the cabinets. Steve managed to finish installing the range hood this past weekend as well. They never had a range hood either. I am beyond excited to have one again!

Now I will shut up for a minute while you bask in the glory that is our kitchen in it's current state...

Amazing right? I must say we are pretty proud of what we have accomplished. It may have taken us almost two years to get it to this point, but it's all be done with our own hands in our own time (with a little help from some friends time to time too... thank you *you know who you are*!!
Now we still have a few things to finish up, including new lighting and a little eat in area...but we'll discuss that in a future post! Fun fact to leave you with?! Three years ago to this day we signed the papers on this little house we call home! I'm so glad we took the plunge... I love my home.

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