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Friday, 19 May 2017

what's old is new again...

I remember being in highschool, and my friend's parents renovated their basement. I thought they had done a fabulous job. They had wainscotting all along the bottom half of the walls. They had lovely new carpet and they had added a huge master bedroom and bath. I remember thinking that this is something one aspires to have. Everything was brand new. My favorite part of their renovation? Their new furniture. Guess what color they were? Hunter green. Guess what color is BACK!? Hunter green. Now I know what you are thinking. Hunter green? really? Yes. Really. It really is a timeless color, you just have to use it correctly.
Now we have a Hunter green countertop in our bathroom currently. I hate it. (My mom always said that hate is a strong word, but I think it's entirely appropriate for our countertop). It is dated for sure. But when I think about using Hunter green in other spaces, it actually makes me excited. I love the deep, rich tones on walls right now. It makes for such a moody room. I decided to test my theory and designed a room around Hunter green. I think it really works. What do you think? Would you attempt it?


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