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Monday, 5 June 2017

wishful shopping...

Summer has arrived in full force around here. It's been beautiful, hot, and sunny outside and.... I am now stuck inside full time again. That's right... I have returned to my full time job as of yesterday. It wasn't the easiest day... I missed my little peanut an awful lot. We made up for it with lots of snuggles and even more kisses. Once peanut was off to bed, I sat down and did what I do best... shop...or wishful shopping?! Until that first paycheck comes back in, I can't afford any of these beauties... but oh man...soon enough. Maybe a 'back to work' present is in my future...

one --- The heat must be getting to me... it's making me feel like i'm in the desert again. This cacti is just far too cute to not love. I'm obsessed with pillows and cushions, it's like how other women are obsessed with shoes. Pillows are my shoes. Steve just loves it!

two --- Oh look! More pillows!

three --- Funny, there are three things I love about this bench that have drawn me to it... 1. the color, 2. the tufting and 3. the sleek legs. It's a perfect combination!

four --- Wouldn't this pottery go perfectly with that cactus pillow?! Those blues are what dreams are made of!

five --- This clock, it's shape, it's colors, it's whimsical appearance.

six --- Ok, if you don't click on ANY of the above links... please click on this one at the very least. You will find amazing modern and clean. I am in love with this quilt in particular!

much love.

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